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- Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mati City Business Trip (DOSCST - CRSD)

Mati City Business Trip (DOSCST - CRSD)
Working with my own business is fun because I could spend some time meeting people and visiting places. And this time I was able to serve the Criminology Department of DOSCST, Davao Oriental State College of Science and Technology. So happy that I was able to visit a place while serving some people or should I say my customers. As I could remember it was 3 months ago when I was invited to join an exclusive bidding for a T-Shirt design. I was fortunate enough to win the bid and awarded with a project of almost 800 pieces of t-Shirts. A winning Design that the CRSD students will wear this coming “SIGLAKAS Event” (College Intramural Meet). CRSD is an acronym of Criminology & Related Sciences Department.

Mati City Business Trip (DOSCST - CRSD)
The T-Shirt basically was designed using their concept of being the DEFENDER. The idea was to portray a courageous Spartan too furious to fight and ready for battle. As a designer, taking some inspirations from the Internet is the first step to shop. I believe IDEAS are just there waiting to be rediscovered by some artist just like me who wants to play with it. That is why I do Love GOOGLE because it shows you everything you need with just a click of a button. Well of course, I used the advance techniques in searching the web for the finest FREE resources in the Planet. (So much for that business)

So here I am, without a plan, I am in Mati City, The Capital City of Davao Oriental whom I guess it was known as the Beach Capital of Davao Region. And that is why I am here to experience it. I wanted to see there powdered white beach shoreline and the tortoise deep ocean water facing the Davao Gulf. To be in this place, you need to travel almost 200 kilometers if you are coming from Davao City. Yes it was a long trip but the road is already concrete so traveling by land is easy, and you can ride a Bus or a Utility Van for a reasonable price.

Mati City Business Trip (DOSCST - CRSD)
Doing some inventory check, Mr. Hevindian B. Laniba (CRSD Governor) 

Mati City Business Trip (DOSCST - CRSD)
The Governor wearing the CRSD College Shirt for "SIGLAKAS 2014"

Mati City Business Trip (DOSCST - CRSD)
Enjoying the view of Dahican Beach

Mati City Business Trip (DOSCST - CRSD)
Glider spotted hovering the beach, perhaps taking aerial photos

Mati City Business Trip (DOSCST - CRSD)
Parked fishing boats

Mati City Business Trip (DOSCST - CRSD)
This is what they call the Powdered Sand Beach

Although I may not have the pleasure roaming around the City that much because time was too limited, I could still say that Mati City is a place that I need to reschedule myself to visit again, perhaps a holiday so I could relax and enjoy a vacation. Don't worry MATI, I will come back soon and take more photos and write more about you. But for now, back to my business. Need to save some cash for that next visit.

Max Ginez III is an Entrepreneur who Loves Art - Design and Science combined. An Electromechanic by profession and studied Start Your Own Business (SYOB) course at the University of the Philippines - Institute for Small-Scale Industries (UP-ISSI). A former OFW who dreams that someday he will be Financially Free. Awarded as the Inspiring Male Entrepreneur of 2014 by Quality Brands Philippines.

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