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- Saturday, August 9, 2014

Managing Copy Paste & Plagiarism

Managing Copy Paste & PlagiarismWe are in the Digital Age, the distance between people is becoming increasingly smaller, and communicating your ideas and thoughts is easier than ever. If you are an Internet user, your audience is the entire world. You can target your thoughts to any group of people, provided you speak the same language.
As what GOOGLE's Web site announced its Company's Mission "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful." And how long might that take? According to Google CEO Eric Schmidt, he estimates that Google won't manage to index all the world's information until around the 24th century. It could take 300 years to index all the world's information and make it searchable. "We did a math exercise and the answer was 300 years," Schmidt said in response to an audience question asking for a projection of how long the company's mission will take. "The answer is it's going to be a very long time".

How Google Impacts The Way Students Think

Literally Google it. Type those questions word-for-word into the Google search box and hope for answers. Educators cringe, but to the students it makes sense.

  • Google creates the illusion of accessibility
  • Google naturally suggests “answers” as stopping points
  • Being linear, Google obscures the interdependence of information

Managing Copy Paste & Plagiarism
Google helps users find what they want rather than what they might need. In this way, it underscores the independence of information rather than the interdependence. Instead of looking at information and data as components of knowledge, and then understanding it.

In writing or having exams, anti-plagiarism is of great concern to both teachers and students. Currently, there are many kinds of plagiarism including copy and paste ideas or information that belong to other people. As campaigns of intellectual properties protecting become popular, we have to pay great attention not to commit plagiarism and respect copyright.
By definition based on Webster Dict, Plagiarism is defined as people who deliberately or unconciously use other's ideas or words, either written one or spoken one, without giving clear indication of the source of the information.

Do plagiarism checkers help students to cheat?

Managing Copy Paste & Plagiarism
Plagiarism checkers help students cheat - because students can copy and paste from the Internet, change the words around and then make sure that this wouldn’t be detected if their learning institution uses a plagiarism scanner like plagiarismchecker.net. People on this side of the argument tend to view students as trying to cheat the system and get away with doing as little work as possible, taking short cuts to better grades and wanting to be dishonest.
Plagiarism checkers help students avoid accidental plagiarism – because students sometimes get other peoples’ words and material mixed up with their own, or accidentally forget or fail to reference properly, and a scan through a plagiarism checker like plagiarismchecker.net helps them identify and correct these mistakes before they hand their work in. People on this side of the argument tend to view students as honest and hard working, trying to earn their grades for themselves and using tools like plagiarismchecker.net to ensure that their work is original, genuine and deserving of the grades that they receive.


 1. "Copy & Paste Plagiarism"
"Any time you lift a sentence or significant phrase intact from a source."[2] As the internet has been worldwide popularized, various kinds of information and literature works are avaliable on the internet. The fact that students can get infomation without much effort results in their ignorance of giving the author credit-citation.

2. "Word Switch Plagiarism"external image images?
If you take a sentence from a source and change around a few words, it is still plagiarism. Remember, plagiarism means you steal someone's ideas, so even if you swich some words, the ideas are still not yours.
Managing Copy Paste & Plagiarism

3. "Style Plagiarism"
"When you follow a Source Article sentence-by-sentence or paragraph-by-paragraph, it is plagiarism, even though none of your sentences are exactly like those in the source article or even in the same order. What you are copying in this case is the author's reasoning style."

4. "Metaphor Plagiarism"
"Metaphors are used either to make an idea clearer or give the reader an analogy that touches the senses or emotions better than a plain description of the object or process. Metaphors, then, are an important part of an author's creative style. If you use the author's metaphor to illustrate an important idea, without giving the author credit for it, then you make a plagiarism"

5." Idea Plagiarism"
If the author of the source article expresses a creative idea or suggests a solution to a problem, the idea or solution must be clearly attributed to the author when you use his or her idea or suggests."

Managing Copy Paste & Plagiarism

Alright so what am I ending up here? Well in my case, I guess if you do copy from somebody else website, books or any other source of information, I believe it would be great to acknowledge them by providing Links straight to those pages where you copied those bits of information.


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