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- Saturday, July 12, 2014

How does an Artist & Designer Work?

How does an Artist & Designer Work?I was interviewed by a group of Marketing Management students from the University of Mindanao Panabo Campus, it was their school requirement that requires them to interview business owners about how they run their business, their passion and how they market. Considering that Maxmedia was a design and advertising firm here in our Town, I was asked with this question "How does an Artist Work?"; I paused for a minute and answered "Wow, that was a tough question to answer..." then I just smiled. This is because I still consider myself as an amateur designer. I never have had a Formal Training to become a Designer/Artist but since I have people who worked for me as Layout Artist, I begun to learn the steps in designing. Or perhaps should I say, I learned these skills by apprenticeship towards my workers. I became their student, and by experiencing it everyday, Practice made it Permanent.

Most artists have a studio — in my case I established Maxmedia, I rented a space for my design team to do their work where i can display our products and service. A place where i could entertain my clients and perhaps make some deals by getting projects. And many Artist/Designers who also work outside, they are called FREELANCERS. For example, landscape painters might make sketches in the open air, and complete the work in their studio. Other artists work mainly in the landscape, completing paintings outside, or creating land art within the natural environment. Some Artist/Designers published their Works of Art on-line. Being active in Social Media and Sign-up to Community websites where they can share their expertise with same interest artist exchanging ideas and Outsourcing Jobs.

Sometimes artists receive commissions (orders) for work from a patron — but in my case as a business owner (ENTREPRENEUR) I get my earnings from deals from companies, government institutions, school based projects and events. Sometimes existing work is bought by an individual, an institution, or a GALLERY. But guess what, not all artist were lucky, earning a living as an artist is not that easy. Let us consider Vincent van Gogh who was an artist (1853–1890) sold hardly any paintings during his lifetime but now his works of art sells for a vast sums of money.

I have compiled here a bunch of Arts & designs for you to look at and study how they express their artistry and design concepts fused into a work of ART.

isolitude - How does an Artist & Designer Work

Eco BIKE by Artist Dan Cretu
eco bike - How does an Artist & Designer Work

Art is Moving by Kevin Donahue
Art is Moving - How does an Artist & Designer Work

 Guard by Shepard
 Guard - How does an Artist & Designer Work

Exploding Head by cannablogna.com
exploding head - How does an Artist Work

Home Decoration by Meredith Dittmar
Home Decoration - How does an Artist Work

How iPad Fingerpainting Turned This Mercedes Into A Work Of Art
Mercedes-Benz SLK - How does an Artist Work

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