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- Sunday, August 11, 2013

AdHitz Policy Change

Adsense is undoubtedly one of the most trusted and highly paying ads Network in the industry but unfortunately it is hard to get approved for it. And there are many other ways that can help bloggers to earn money from it such as affiliate marketing for every post. Just recently, I received an email that I believe every blogger wants to learn to earn a decent income from their Blog's content and they should be looking at it as well because they work hard to write content.
For those members who are publishers on our network (showing our ads on your website) we have changed our policy regarding the acceptance of Site Specific Advertising.
Effective immediately we will no longer give our publishers 7 days to accept site specific ads that have been sold on your website. For example, right now if an advertiser purchases a site specific ad from you (on your listed domain) we currently give you 7 days to accept this ad before it's canceled and the advertiser is refunded. Now, we will allow 3 days for you to accept these ads before they are canceled.
As a website publisher it is a requirement that you login daily to check for new site specific ads that may have been sold on your site. We also send you a reminder email once an ad has been sold. Because some publishers are failing to login and accept new ads, we have changed this policy so advertisers do not have to wait so long for their ads to be accepted.
If you are a publisher please login to your AdHitz account and check for any sold site specific ads daily. If you fail to do this you may be losing money. 

Website owners and Bloggers
Put your website traffic to work for you!


Make money while you sleep!

AdHitz can turn your website or blog into a cash generating machine!

If you own a website or blog to which you have access to edit the HTML, you simply add our script code.

Our code allows advertisers to display their ads on your website, thus turning your website into a cash generating machine!


Reaching your target audience?

With AdHitz you could be receiving millions of ad impressions every day!

Let's face it, advertising is a numbers game. The more your ad is shown, the higher percentage of click-throughs and sales you will convert. With AdHitz, you only pay for impressions that convert to click-throughs. Stop wasting your money on traffic that doesn't convert!

What is Adhitz?

There are number of advertisers looking for good blogs and websites to put their ads on. You can sell ad spots on your blogs/websites or you can earn by putting their network ads with CPC (cost per click). If you get a good amount of traffic you can easily monetize and earn money with your blogs/website using Adhitz.

Why Adhitz?

Well, this is a good question why should you use Adhitz. Adhitz is a good and legit ads program. Many review websites have put it in their Elite websites group. They are up, active and paying from long time. It is easy to get approved for adhitz ads, there are no hard requirements like GA and the payment threshold is only $25 which is easily to get. Now let us review the complete features of adhitz ads:

Features of Adhitz

  • They are up and helping publishers to earn money online since 2009.
  • They have a revenue sharing ads program and your earn 70% of the earnings from your ads.
  • Their CPC rates are open $0.03 to $0.13 depending upon the user who visits the ads, for more info about CPC rates for different countries you can visit their website.
  • They do not only offer CPC program, but you can also sell ads spots on your website.
  • You can set the cost of your ads spots as well. You can set a minimum of 2$ for your ads to a maximum of whatever your expectations are for a period of 7 to 30 days.
  • Till the time your ad spots are not sold they will show CPC ads on them so that you can still earn money.
  • You can accept and reject ads that mean if the ads are not relevant you can turn them off.
  • You can choose from a variety of ad sizes. They support both text and image ads.
  • Adhitz have a good support system, and they revert back to your queries fast.
  • They have various payment options including PayPal which is good for Indian Bloggers.

Blog monetizing techniques you can easily attract more advertisers to put ads on your blog. The only thing that is not good about them is they do not accept all countries but India, UK, US and many other countries are accepted by them. You can check whether your region is accepted or not. If you like my work; you can show your regards by hitting Facebook like button.

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