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- Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Social Mediopolis - The Capitol of Social Media

Social Mediopolis - The Capitol of Social Media Logo by www.maxginez3.com
Received a membership confirmation today from a Linked Group that I joined from Social Mediopolis (The Capitol of Social Media). I decided to join to this group for me to gain more insights from Social Media Networking experts around the world. And I consider myself lucky to be part of this group since not all who wanted to join were approved.

The group is considered to be the Fastest Growing Group on LinkedIn according to www.prnewswire.com on their blog. The data was based upon the total number reaching 500,000 member mark, considering the group to be the 3rd largest and growing rapidly.

Here is an excerpt from their Blog;
According to Michael Crosson, the Founder and Chief Moderator, "The growth of our group is a reflection of the explosive growth of all social media venues around the world. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr, Yelp. The list of really popular social media services continues to expand and it continues to attract hundreds of millions of new users worldwide. Our purpose is to help marketers learn how to leverage those social media platforms in order to effectively reach their target markets."
In addition to the main Social Media Marketing group, there are also twenty specific niche-market subgroups, including Social Media & Politics, Social Media & Non-Profits, Social Media Consulting, and many others. Each group features active discussions of all social media topics, case studies, free webinars and guidebooks, and much more. The Social Media Marketing group was started in March 2008 and took several years to reach 100,000 members. "After that, growth took off like a wildfire. We have about 1,100+ people a day join us and expect the group to hit 1,000,000 members before the end of the year." Crosson added. 

About this Group

  • Created: March 6, 2008
  • Type: Professional Group
  • Members: 622,640
  • Subgroups: 20

Here is the confirmation email I received from them that welcomes me to be a member.

Social Media Marketing welcomes you
Social Media MarketingCongratulations and welcome to the largest Social Media Marketing group on the planet!

To complete your membership, click here:

It is important that we keep our group spam-free and have everyone engage in a high quality of discussions. You will get free access to SocialMediopolis.com, our private community where you will receive free video training, webinars, eBooks and white papers and much more.

We are here for your success. Once again, welcome!

Mike Crosson, Publisher

Social Mediopolis - The Capitol of Social Media Membership Approval by www.maxginez3.com

Social Mediopolis - The Capitol of Social Media 

Membership Approval

The following information was taken from the groups profile that can be found on this link;
Social Mediopolis LinkedIn Profile

Social Mediopolis is the LARGEST and most active social media marketing group on LinkedIn.com with over 600,000 members as of March, 2013, including 20 subgroups for special interests, such as Social Media Marketing & NonProfits, Social Media & Politics, etc. It is intended for interactive advertising and marketing professionals who are actively engaged in social media and community-oriented websites around the world. It is highly moderated by 28 professionals to keep this forum SPAM-free, focused and productive.

Anyone posting direct sales pitches is warned once, and permanently banned the second time. A rule of thumb is simple: if your message does not contain a contribution of value and leads to any kind of commercial or paid website or blog, IT IS PROMOTIONAL! Please respect the intelligence and integrity of group members and post only to the Promotions area. .


  1. NO network marketing or MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) of any kind is allowed to be promoted in this forum. This is not the forum for that type of business. 
  2. No religious, political or non-profit discussions are allowed except in that they relate to social media aspects. There are other forums for these causes, no matter how wonderful they may be. 
  3. Please do not continually repost the same message, either in discussions or jobs. People will see it the first time. 
  4. The jobs section is for full-time jobs and related content for job hunters. Resume writing services, commission only employment or jobs that require any kind of payment by the job hunter are not allowed. 
  5. A weekly email is sent to group members who opt-in to receive it. This email contains events, webinars, white papers and other useful resources, many of which are free. We also negotiate discounted special group rates on select products and services.

Social Mediopolis - The Capitol of Social Media Header Logo by www.maxginez3.com

I am very thankful for this opportunity of becoming a member, and if you are interested to be part of it, please visit the LinkedIn link provided above and experience what the group can offer to expand your Social Media campaigns and explore new insights from worlds best Social Networkers.

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