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- Friday, June 7, 2013

Social Media Revenue Generation

Social Media Revenue Generation Introduction by hmaebawin
Most people nowadays are busy thinking of ways how to make money. With the current set up in the economy (increasing  expenses and growing prices of commodities) ,even mothers like me were thinking of ways how to help their partners in generating income  to meet the needs of the family.  Most are still relying with what we call the traditional way: apply for a job offsite or have your own business. But doing so will cause you to exert more effort and spend more money as well. For mothers like me, it’s not that feasible to apply for a job outside your home and leave your children to somebody. Aside from the fact that you will incur additional cost for the nanny’s salary, you will be less focused thinking of what had happened to your children. But thanks to our evolving technology, mothers and other individuals are given the chance to make money the practical and less expensive way. What I am talking about is making money through social media.

Social Media: Influence Exchange Mechanism

Social Media Revenue Generation Influence Exchange Mechanism by hmaebawin
According to my research, social media is a communication process wherein people create, share, and exchange information and thoughts in computer-generated communities and networks. I call it influence exchange mechanism because it is where we can create impact to other peoples’ lives while being inspired by them on the other way. As we all know, communication is a two way process- you are giving something away while learning from others too. What we normally know about social media is that it is only for those people who want to mingle with others for camaraderie purposes only. That social media is purely for those Facebook, tweeter and YouTube fanatics. For this reason we take social media as an expense making tool, a waste of time for those people who thinks more of income generation.

Thinking of income generating activities? If you are social media fanatic, I guess you’re on the right track. This is the perfect time to take social media as an income generating facility rather than an expense accumulating one. Most people are not aware that many businesses and even individuals are making money out of it. The question is how are they doing such?

Businesses: Monetizing Social Media 

According to the information I’ve gathered, most executives and marketing people are engaging to social media marketing to expand their markets and in return increase their revenues. They are using social media as a tool to dispense information about their company and products, thus making their company more visible to their market. They may not directly increase their revenue through this but because of increased corporate prominence; their business will be built up and will be introduced to a larger market, who will patronize them, thus increasing their revenue. There is a greater probability of increasing your revenue if your market is wider and more knowledgeable of your business.

Social Media Revenue Generation Maxmedia by hmaebawin

Maxmedia Enterprise, a family owned business engaged in Printing & Advertising, Photography, Video Coverage, Tarpaulin, Photobook, Decals & Stickers, is already into social media networking. We, at Maxmedia Enterprise are currently taking advantage of the accessibility of social media. We have just created our own website to promote our products and services. We are building our reputation and continuously improving by considering the feedbacks of our previous clients. We are hoping that by using social media networking, we can reach a wider market and eventually increase our revenue through them. Currently, we are not only recognized locally but we have reached as far as Australia, France and Japan. Thanks to social media networking – we have reached this far and still anticipating serving more in the coming days.

Social Media Marketing: Not Only For Businesses But For Individuals Looking For Income As Well

There are lots of ways how to generate income through social media. One is by way of online jobs. Another is by creating a website, thus allowing others to pay you by way of advertisement in your website. Blogging is also another way and so much more. But the question is, how prepared are we? Are we trustworthy enough to gain other peoples’ trust?  Let this simple tips help you to prepare for self-advertisement.

How To Market Yourself To Make Money Out Of Social Media

  1. Build your reputation – Be specific in what you can do and what your expertise is. Do not oversell and talk only about what you can really do. Make your own trademark that lets your target market know what you can do for them and how it will make their life better.
  2. Build relationship – Social media is all about communication and relationships. Engage with your target market and open a conversation to let them know how they can benefit if they will pay you for your services. Connect also to people who have further exposures, people who have more experience and are experts in social media. Follow them and exchange ideas with them. After all, it is all about give and take. 
  3. Be professional – Walk your talk. Put all your words into action. Whatever things you tell about yourself, it is very important that you have a plan of action and you are more than willing to do what you can do to realize what is expected from you by your target market. 
As to any kind of endeavor, if you want to make money you need to be consistent and you have to have something to offer. What is important to people, especially to the clients, is the quality of services and products we can offer to them. The more satisfied they are, the better their feedbacks will be. The more good feedbacks, the more marketable we are. Whether business or individual if you want to make money be exceptional.
Social Media Revenue Generation Conclusion by hmaebawin


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