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- Monday, June 17, 2013

Promote your blog with Total Ping

Promote your blog with Total Ping by www.maxginez3.com
The Importance of Pinging a Blog or a website is crucial to a webmaster or blogger simply because pinging is one of the technical ways to inform search engines and web directories to include your website on their indexing schedule done by Search Engine Bots (crawlers). Technically speaking, PINGING is a service which alerts a search engine when a website or blog content has been updated. And this technique is another search engine optimization task that every blogger should have. So when a URL is pinged, search engines such as Google and Bing responds faster every time you publish an article or edited something on an article. In comparison with un-pinged websites, it may take a day or two for an article to be indexed by search engines, whereas for a pinged article might only take a few hours for search engines to include it on their index.

And if you are a website owner just like me, I always try to find ways to make this blog noticed by search engines especially Google.com because sending myself to rank on its search result is very important to my website popularity and success. I may be ambitious with this ranking ideas but it is not impossible that someday there may be keywords that I might be the number 1 on its search results.

SEO experts says and they keep on saying this again and again that ranking first on numerous search engines is like a moving target because nobody have ever been formulated the right formula how to be the number one. That is why Google and Microsoft kept their Algorithm constantly evolving in a heavily guarded secret technology.

Pinging is one of the best tools to start a link building campaign. Although it may not be often, I do make some comments to other blogs wherein I include my blog’s URL to advertise it. Once I'm done, I Ping those URLs that I visited in with my comments on it. In this way, search engines will index that article, and with luck, a back link to my website is included on that index. This means that my newly made backlinks are being indexed and accounted as a good link, which in turn my blog may benefit another step higher in the SERP's (Search Engine Results Page) with higher percentage expectations.

I have here a Ping result using TotalPing.com Service;

OK. All pings Have Been sent.

Info: Creatively Engineered Online Entrepreneur Blog by MaxGinez3

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Progress 100%

 Service Ping Status ...
your atom / rss.Status: OK.Thanks for the ping.
Ask.comStatus : ERROR.Unable to connect to the remote server.
Feedburner.comStatus : OK.Successfully pinged
My Yahoo.comStatus : OK.Successfully pinged.
Syndic8.comStatus : OK.Thanks for the ping.
Ping-O-MaticStatus : OK.Pings being forwarded to 14 services!
Weblogs.comStatus : OK.Thanks for the ping.
Icerocket.comStatus : OK.Thanks for the Ping!
BlogdiggerStatus : OK.Thanks! We've added ... crawling and will begin shortly.
Blo.gsStatus : ERROR.Refresh failed v2
RSS-Network.comStatus : ERROR.Submitted URL is not valid!
Newsgator.comStatus : OK.Thanks for the ping.
GeoURL.orgStatus : ERROR.No pinged.
Spinn3r.comStatus : OK.Successfully pinged.
Google BlogsearchStatus : OK.Thanks for the ping.
Bing.comStatus : OK.Successfully pinged.
Sindice.comStatus : OK.1 pings submitted
PopdexStatus : OK.Successfully pinged.
Blogstreet.comStatus : OK.Thanks for the ping.
NewsIsFree.comStatus : OK.Thanks for the ping.
Twingly.comStatus : ERROR.Blocked
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Blog-search.netStatus : OK.Successfully pinged.
Pingoo.jpStatus : ERROR.Invalid XML response.
Wordblog.deStatus : ERROR.Not Found.
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Maplog.jpStatus : ERROR.Unable to connect to the remote server.
Feedsky.comStatus : OK.Successfully pinged.
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Veneblogs.comStatus : ERROR.Mmmmm you're not registred at veneblogs.com (http://maxginez3.blogspot.com)
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Baidu.comStatus : OK.Thanks for the ping.
BlogsColombia.comStatus : OK.Ping sent
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Wasalive.comStatus : OK.Thanks for the ping on Wasalive!
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 Service Ping Status ...


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