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- Sunday, June 23, 2013

How to Add Twitter Feed Widget on Blogger

How to Add Twitter Widget Feeds on Blogger by www.maxginez3.com
Twitter is an Online Social Networking site offering a Microblogging service enabling users to send and read of up to 140 character text-based message known as "tweets". Jack Dorsey’s idea of creating Twitter happened in March 2006. Since it was launch, the service rapidly gained worldwide popularity, it became one of the Top 10 most visited websites on the Internet with over 500 million registered users as of 2012, that could generate over 340 million tweets daily and managing more than 1.6 billion search queries daily. That’s how important it is especially to corporations around the world investing on social media networking sites finding out how they could deliver their services to the huge marketplace.

Twitter users may subscribe to other Twitter users as well. The term subscriber is popularly known as a follower. By default, Tweets are publicly visible and anybody with an access to Twitter can see it. But senders can also customize their tweets to be delivered only among their followers, and it is also possible to block those who have followed them. Common to networking sites where users may able to customize and update their profile through their mobile phones either by text messaging or by apps intended for Tablets and Smartphones.
Original Twitter idea sketch by Dorsey in 2006 by www.maxginez3.com

A word, phrase or topic discussed in a form of a “hashtag” (a word or a phrase prefixed with the symbol #); that is said to be a trending topic if it is being used by most users. Trending topics became popular because of an event that encourages the public to talk about it or either by a combined effort by fans of certain celebrities and musicians alike.

Without a doubt, all of us believed what Twitter is capable of particularly in exchanging communications to each other or just by simply being updated not once in awhile but more often. And that is one of the main reasons why Twitter is regarded as one of the most powerful and highly dominating Social Networking Portal in the World Wide Web.

To actively share my Tweets and updates to my friends, families and followers; I decided to post his article in creating a short “How To” guide in linking a Twitter Feed to Blog such as this. So that my visitors will somehow find their way to see other related tweets that they will be interested about. And in this case, I'll be showing you the easy way to add a Feed within Blogger platform. Fortunately, Twitter offers a built-in widget that we can add almost effortlessly.

I have here an actual screenshots I did when I added and configure a Twitter Feed widget for you to through.

How to Add Twitter Feed Widget on Blogger Procedure 1 by www.maxginez3.com

In your Twitter Account, Click the Settings icon (GEAR Shape)

How to Add Twitter Feed Widget on Blogger Procedure 2 by www.maxginez3.com

In the Twitter Settings, Click on the Widget Link to open Widget Settings

How to Add Twitter Feed Widget on Blogger Procedure 3 by www.maxginez3.com

Click on the Create New to open a Widget configuration dashboard

How to Add Twitter Feed Widget on Blogger Procedure 4 by www.maxginez3.com

Configuration Panel of a Twitter Widget

How to Add Twitter Feed Widget on Blogger Procedure 5 by www.maxginez3.com

In this case, I customized my Twitter Feed to appear in a Dark background to match my Blogger Theme used as template.

How to Add Twitter Feed Widget on Blogger Procedure 6 by www.maxginez3.com

In the Blogger Settings, Open the LayOut Section to see the options in Adding a blank widget

How to Add Twitter Feed Widget on Blogger Procedure 7 by www.maxginez3.com

Adding a Widget Box to a desired location within the page

How to Add Twitter Feed Widget on Blogger Procedure 8 by www.maxginez3.com

Pasting the Widget code.

Don't forget to add a Title because this will be your guide in your LayOut Settings

How to Add Twitter Feed Widget on Blogger Procedure 9 by www.maxginez3.com

There you have it, this is the screenshot of my Blog with the active Twitter Feed

The benefits of using Twitter recent tweets widget is not limited to just by displaying the latest tweets. Bu it also displays a follow button allowing visitors of your Blog to follow your Twitter account in a single click. In addition, this widget allows visitors to mention you right away in a tweet directly from your site.
After reading this simple How-to guide, I am hoping that you can through with the screenshots provided. Anyway, you can simply come back if you have doubt about what you are doing. This small but useful Twitter Widget would help you attain your Social Campaign. And if you have questions, comments or violent reactions (“LOL”) related to this Twitter article, please don’t hesitate to drop by your message on a comment box below, and I will try my best to guide you through in solving that problem.

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