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- Monday, May 13, 2013

Save Time & Effort with Keystrokes

Save Time & Effort with Keystrokes by maxginez3
Although I am not a work at home dad, but I do type a lot, edit a lot and that is why sometimes I do experience wrist pain due to excessive typing. But for Bloggers who spend a lot more with keyboards, or especially if you do freelance writing or work as a transcriptionist.  Then you probably have suffered pain worst than me and have been so tired from typing a lot. So this article will provide some ideas on how to save some keystrokes that would at least help reduce stress on your hands and wrists. It's worth sharing these techniques on how to shorten our time editing an article, letter or whatever we type on a daily basis. I am no different from anybody else who is also a slow typing encoder, so this shortcut  ideas may have just arrived on time.

Using Voice Recognition Software

Using Voice Recognition Software by maxginez3
Even though our keyboard and mouse may have been invented long enough for everyone to become proficient at using them, we could still point out some advantages in using voice operated commands. Voice recognition software has been around for years, I even tried and using it myself (although not all the time) but many people still don't know about the technology and others may still have considered it to be more science fiction than real science. Well basically, a Voice Recognition Software, also known as Speech Recognition Software, has the capability of streamlining your job, allowing you to work as fast as you can speak as compared to the speed of typing and moving the mouse.
So why should we use Voice Recognition Software? The biggest advantage is the ability to work with computers hands-free. And it is also a huge benefit to those who are limited mobility (eg. disability that makes it difficult to use a keyboard and mouse.) Although it may need some time to learn the basics in using the software but as you go along and be familiar with the program you can actually navigate your computer and dictate documents faster than you could ever imagine compared to using with a keyboard and mouse.
If you have installed Windows 7 on your PC, you may just need a microphone (perhaps a headset) to have activated voice recording function, this because Windows 7 has integrated a voice recognition software that you can use to perform a variety of functions, such as opening and closing programs or perhaps browsing the internet and do some document encoding.  Although it is not recommended all the time to use voice recognition because it has also limitations. But if you have to write simple and short letters or emails, the voice recognition software of Windows 7 is already enough to do the job. Or if you may have some budget to purchase a software separately, I could say it is a good investment for serious hard working writer, encoder aor transcriptionist.

Using Text Expander Programs

Using Text Expander Programs Phrase Express by maxginez3
Have you heard about Phrase Express? Well, this is a great program developed by Bartels Media GmbH (Germany) and has been marketing and developing PC softwares since 1997. Phrase Express is a small yet powerful software that can be used by anyone who’s trying to save keystrokes when they type, because it allows you to create short cuts that you can type, and the phrase that the shortcut represents will automatically populate. Just like an AutoText feature of Google who has used autocomplete, but PhraseExpress offers several useful options, including manual confirmation, delimiters, and expert options. A Web-based manual offered detailed instructions as well as tips so you may need not to worry because instructions are easy. This software saves hours of typing whom I consider a powerful solution for personnel in office, technical support, customer care, help desk, call center and medical or legal transcription settings. A very helpful tool for people who are continually typing the same things over and over and over again, reducing the time spent on the keyboard as well as minimizing spelling mistakes. Aside from that, some imprtant features includes a system-wide spelling correction with more than 10,000 spelling corrections in seven languages. Another feature that I also liked about it  was the ability to Launch programs simply by entering a text shortcut. For example, I would like to use Microsoft Excel, So I just have to type the word "Excel" and presto! A spreadsheet will open. All in all, PhraseExpress proved to be useful to be capable of keeping our work easier, a software not just to like it but use it as well.

Using Document Templates

Using Document Templates Microsoft Office by maxginez3Document Templates are files that that are designed for us to give us a basic layout of a letter, a form, a spreadsheet, a slideshow, bochure, flyer, etc.... And these templates are very useful specially to those who work for a company or client that has a certain format that they like to be used. And this is where Microsoft and Google are good about, They have prepared templates for us to download and use for free. Although some templates available may have royalty charges of some amount but somehow these templates serve its purpose. To minimize our time in conceptualizing the design rather than creating a file from scratch. But If your client may have specifide template that they use, they may have provided you with it, or they’ll at least provide you with a sample for you to edit. In this way, you will find an idea how to produce the their documents to the format they needed. As a Microsoft Office User myself, I suggest you do saving some templates of your own for future use. But remember, when opening a template file, after editing it or better before editing it, I suggest to save it first as a new document with new filename, otherwise it will be saved as a template again.

Using Internet Browser Keystrokes

Well I guess it would be nice if we also know several shortcut commands that are useful in browsing the web browser to speed up internet usability.
  • CTRL+A to select all
  • CTRL+C to copy selection
  • CTRL+V to paste a selection via clipboard
  • CTRL-T to launch a new browser tab page
  • CTRL-Enter to type 'www.' and '.com'
  • Access the address bar with ALT+D
  • Bookmarking a favorite by CTRL+D
  • Zoom in and out the page with CTRL+mouse wheel
  • Use  Backspace to back one page in your web browser
  • Refresh the current web page with F5
  • Press  ALT+Home to go to home page
  • Cancel  webpage loading by pressing Esc
  • Triple-click to highlight-select the entire web address
  • Closing your browser CTRL+F4


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