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- Saturday, May 4, 2013

Page Rank Benchmarking (Alexa.com)

Monitoring Page Rank status requires hard work, time and a lot of dedication. As a Blog owner, I am very particular with my PR (pagerank), this is because it is a personal fulfillment that my Blog is indeed doing well when compared to 633,706,564 websites all over the world according to netcraft (Internet Services Company based in Bath, England). To the mere fact that my blog is about 7,939,768 based on Alexa Traffic Rank service as of today (May 3, 2013), is already a proof for me and it just shows how my SEO effort was fairly doing well. I may not be that satisfied yet but from this point in time I will be more aggressive to boost my ranking perhaps stepping a much bigger leap from 8 million down to 3 million in few months from now. So I will be having a close monitoring as well as updating my numbers while continuously improving everything around this blog (front end and back-end). Looking back to my old article about the Top 10 SEO Tips for Bloggers, it seems that I really have to do things right according to Pierre Zarokian.

Keeping me updated with this personal task made me decide to install a Google Chrome extension by Alexa.com which can be downloaded by clicking this link. It is a very simple tool yet useful enough for me to to see the ranking of every active website on my browser. Below is an actual screenshot taken by me showing the extension installation was successful.

Once installed, an Alexa icon appears right next to the Google Chrome control button located on the topmost right corner of the browser. What is good about this extension is that in every website that I visit, I just click Alexa button and presto a summary review appears. The following image is another screenshot showing the pagerank review of ABS-CBN.com (TV Network) whom I selected because for me it is one of the best website that I could benchmark myself since this site is located in the Philippines.

For the benefit of the many who I believe doesn't have the idea of Page Ranking, I would rather explain a little bit further how this system works. Google PageRank was developed at Standford University by Larry Page, and Sergery Brin. This was part of a research project for these two individuals. The project was started in 1995 and then was led to a functional prototype. And in 1998, the Google Company was founded, and as of October 2012, the Company has a market cap of $250 billion, making it the largest internet information provider in the world. The revenues of Google are primarily derives from its online content advertisement (Google Adwords and Adsense to name a few). And as an internet & software conglomerate, the company is battling several other industry giants such as Microsoft. Nevertheless, thanks to the growing number of internet users, Google's revenues experienced an annualized growth rate of 30% in the last 5 years. So if you have invested some few bucks to Google for the last 10 years, you might be a couple of times richer than today.

The word PageRank is a patented technology that Google uses in order to determine the "weight" of a website. That means in every inbound link to a site is treated as a "vote" for that site from the site that has a link. Therefore, the more inbound links a site has, the more "votes" it gains and, therefore, is ranked higher. So if you want to learn more and go deeper with this technology, you can visit webworkshop.net and see how the real mathematics work.

Now alright then, let's go back to Alexa.com and why is it that I used this website tool for my page ranking. For me, Alexa is one of the best website that enables us to see what's the highest/most visited site on the Internet today. They even offer a lot of free tools that can be used to check the status of your website, such as the Chrome extension that I mentioned awhile ago. They provide real time statistics of the best websites available, it's no wonder that people rely on them for information. Alexa has given a power to the people to leave reviews and to view traffic information. This is a good place to see how a website is doing from a traffic standpoint as well as seeing what the most popular websites in the world and each country are. It's a great way to find a popular website that you have not checked out for some reason. One of my favorite feature on Alexa would have to be the audience demographic results. It breaks down into categories like age, gender, education, has children, and browsing location. And there is also an advanced feature of the audience demographic results, but you have to download & install their toolbar to see the results. Having these website services at our disposal and for the most part it is FREE, have given us the power to monitor, improve with site audits which you pay for, precise research, counterintelligence and much much more. Tracking your competition is important especially for young and upcoming websites. The point of this review is, research needs to have an articulate body that in the end will help us to reach a conclusion and point of direction. Go and give it a try, it's worth checking out!


  1. Well, thanks for sharing the informations about Pagerank benchmarking (Alexa), it's reallly useful.

  2. Thanks for your comment Rujack and hope to see you here more often.

  3. Nice post. One thing i want to say.
    Good alexa rank can bring more better advertisers to your site.

  4. Hello Sohan, That I didn't know about how Alexa.com may contribute in bringing Advertisers to a website. However what you have shared here gave me an idea to research more on that. And perhaps I need to work a lot on my SEO to get a higher Alexa ranking.
    Just recently, I got a Domain name from GoDaddy.com which I registered my Blogger blog that is previously from maxginez3.blogspot.com into www.maxginez3.com and that took me around 5 days to set it up because nobody teached me how to do it.
    So if you may look on my Alexa ranking today, you will see that maxginez3.com don't have any data.
    But anyway, it may take a month maybe to wait for that result that is why I am counting on it.

    Thanks for the comment!

  5. Wonderful post about page rank, checkout my latest post at
    don't be shy to leave a comment and like us on facebook

  6. Thanks for the comment Steve. By the way, I visited the link you included about the color of a rainbow and made some comments as well.
    Keep your comments comming coz I'm happy to read and reply to it.

  7. As of today your Alexa is just under 2.4 million so you obviously improved it a lot. My bigboxbikes.com site was 3 million in January and is just over 600,000 now. Much of it, I think, because I put Adsense on it. Oddly enough, I'm getting about 700 users on BBB but only a couple (4 or 5) on nwkayaking.net but the latter has a Google page rank of 1/10 while BBB is 0/10. Altho NWK is older by 2 years.

    Google has some good analytical tools to use once you make an account. But if you just want to see how your site is doing and even exactly who is doing what on the site, look at Piwik (www.piwik.com). An easy insert into your footer.html page and you will have more info than you know what to do with.

    If you can figure out why a site with few visits gets a 1/10 page rank over one that has gotten 1000 visits then let me know. :P

    Good luck... nice blog.

  8. This is a great post on google page rank and alexa rank. Thanks for the tips.

  9. i also monitor and benchmark using alexa..

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