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- Monday, May 27, 2013

My Website worth $ 2,555 by Worth Of Web

I just can't believe my Blog has some amount already according to http://www.worthofweb.com, and it's amazing that somehow with all the efforts that I've spent on building the site, posting articles, and countless SEO strategies implemented, what ever I did is doing great and fulfilling.

And like what I always say, I am not an expert but a trying hard self taught guy who is always looking forward to learn more and experiment a lot. So I guess I am doing well so far and I think I'm on the right track.

Please check the following link to view the actual page review of my Blog by clicking the link below;
maxginez3.com is worth $ 2,555 - Worth Of Web

So what is Worth of Web?
As the name says, "Worth Of Web" offers a FREE online service that will let you determine the current value (in U$ Dollars) of any website that you are interested to know its worth. By simply providing it's URL and hit calculate, an analysis is carried out providing you informations such as How much does it make? Website Traffic? Authority among search engines? Social Media and User experience. Although I have no idea how these calculations are generated but somehow it will give us statistical data that may be useful in analysing our website as well as gauginng yourself how effective you are in optimizing it.
Anyhow, there's a lot more things we can see on its results page, informations that are broken down like the daily and monthly earnings (perhaps possible earnings if done with money making strategies) that is why it will point you to a link that introduces tactics to increase your website earnings. And also datas or some insights about its daily and monthly pageviews (which I think calculated by estimates because it's not the same with my actual Google Analytics result). Will anyway, at least it will give you some data to review and perhaps compare with other analytical procedures that you do in analysing your statistics.
Like what I said, these numbers are not the exact figures to consider, these are just estimations and approximations. Simply use it as a point of reference that (when combine with other analytical results) will somehow point you a more precise and reliable truth that you are aiming for.

The website was having a  100% Reputation by Webutation.com unlike mine that has only 90% so far. So my verdict is Worth Of Web is a safe website to visit. And for bloggers who are really eager to see there websites worth, I recommended to at least take a moment to check your Blogs worth and it is really great to know the results.

Just to list a few example, I'd like you to see some of Test results that I did to show some other websites worth. Please click the following links;

Here is a Top 10 List that I guess it would be nice if I also share some ideas that I implemented to this Blog that might have contributed a bit with my website's worth;

  1. Blogging Honestly - write from the heart
  2. Installing Plug-ins that works with SEO
  3. Link building with friendly websites
  4. Article posting & commenting
  5. Joining Blog Networking sites
  6. Advanced Keyword Strategy
  7. Optimizing my HTML code
  8. Social Media Integration
  9. Constant Analytics review
  10. Consult Experts


  1. $ 7,089. click http://www.worthofweb.com/website-value/nanangnutriyas.blogspot.com

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  3. wOOW Thank you.
    These are some important factors you must look while judging the value of your website. You must keep in mind that your aim should be to raise the value of your site, but the fact is that, many website owners ignore this factor. Considering all these aspects would surely help you knowing where you stand in your business.

  4. i think that is a awesome process to go through this :) now check this logo designing website thank for sharing..


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