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- Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Free Traffic Exchange Service - TrafficSwarm

I checked google today and searching ideas on how I can drive traffic to my Website. There are few suggestions and found comments saying that there are websites that are offering Traffic Exchange. The concept was you will earn credits by viewing other people's website and in return these credits (should I say points earned) will be converted so you can buy Site Views for your own website. Some options may include referring new users up to a number of levels deep (like a multi-level marketing system -  MLM) gaining commissions out from downlines. These downlines will do the same, Surfing the web for an exchange of Site Views on their own site. And that's how traffic exchange goes. But as I go along with my research  I came across to a website that captures my attention and they call themselves as TrafficSwarm, it's a bee with honey offering Free Traffic (Boost website Ranking) while earning money online. But before signing up, I made a website review to see how this website is doing business.

TrafficSwarm Overview
  • Site type: Traffic Exchange.
  • Credits earned per ad:
  • 20 seconds ad: 1 to 5 credit(s).
  • Credits spent per hit:
  • 20 seconds ad(Regular description size of 125 characters): 1 credit per view.
  • 20 seconds ad(Double description size of 350 characters – Including BOLD and line break features not available with regular ad): 4 credit per view.
  • No. of ads available: Maximum 250 Clicks per day.
  • Avg earnings per day: varies.
  • Referral levels: 5
  • Direct referrals limit: Unlimited
  • Referral earnings:
  • 100 bonus Credits per 1st level referral account activated.
  • 1 credit each time a referral (5 levels deep) simply loads their surf page.
  • Countries accepted: ALL countries.
  • Account deletion after inactivity – 60 days.
According to IM Report Card, TrafficSwarm have been around for many years in the Internet marketing industry. They have ranged from ad exchanges, surf exchanges, exit exchanges, email blasts exchanges, subscription exchanges, and more. Generally, these sites are targeted towards beginner webmasters (Just like me) and for people who are on a tight budget (again that's me). TrafficSwarm is one of these services that aim to help marketers drive traffic to their site. The service has you clicking through to sites of other users (surfing for credits) and viewing them for 20 seconds.

The image below is an actual screenshot during my Surfing time in order to earn credit. As you can see, there is a word GO on the right part. This will appear after 20 seconds of loading on your browser.

TrafficSwarm.com Account Header

For staying on the site, you will earn anywhere between 1 and 1,000 credits. The random credit system is put in place to motivate users to use the service. The TrafficSwarm ads are presented as a search engine where the members’ ads are listed in the results. The great thing about this service is that there are multiple ways traffic is being brought in. Users can post a search box on their site so that regular web visitors see the ads, not just TrafficSwarm users. In addition, there is a widget you can add to your site that shows links to other users’ sites. This is another way of exchanging traffic amongst users and bringing in outside traffic sources. By referring members, you can earn extra credit with the service. The membership has a downline system 5 levels deep so if you refer new users and those new users in turn refer others, you build additional credits. Members can also set the TrafficSwarm site as their homepage browsers to earn credits whenever they open their browsers. They have an anti-cheat system to make sure people aren't using auto-clicking software. In the early days these kinds of traffic exchange services were launched, there were many people who have used these kinds of programs in many traffic exchanges but it seems like TrafficSwarm has put a stop to that by monitoring suspicious activity.

The image below is another screenshot showing the Ads available for viewing. As you can see, it is arranged into blocks of information showing Links of their website. Each heading is clickable, and once hit it will open the website with the 20 seconds counter found on the header area.

TrafficSwarm.com Available Ads to Click

OnLineMoneyDiscussions mentioned that TrafficSwarm Commission Payments has a minimum payout amount of $30.00 (too high to cash-out) and perhaps takes a lot of time to earn it. You can request a commission payment at any time you reach at least $30. Just login to your account and click the “Request Commissions” link, and your request will be processed within 24 hours. You can select to receive your commission payment via PayPal or a check. With a standard “free” account you can promote up to 10 different URLs. If you upgrade to a Pro Account there is no limit – you can promote an unlimited number of URLs. TrafficSwarm also includes The Credit Cap feature which allows you to control how many credits you spend each day for each URL you are promoting.  For example, suppose you have three different URLs you are promoting.  Suppose you want to spend no more than 100 credits per day on the first URL, you want the second URL to use no more than 500 credits per day and you don’t want to set a maximum or “cap” for the third URL.  To accomplish this, the credit cap should be set to 100, 500 and 0 for the URLs, respectively.

TrafficSwarm Advantage
  1. Trafficswarm has a forum and they also provide support via facebook and twitter.
  2. Unlimited number of direct referrals: Members can refer as many direct referrals as they can. There are no limits on the number of referrals that a user can have. This means members who can refer more people can make more money from this website.
  3. 5 referral levels: Free users can earn credits from upto 5 referral levels
  4. A well established website: Trafficswarm.com was launched in 2002.
  5. Ad targeting: Advertisers can create targeted ads according to the country.  Since there are many global ads, it doesn't affect surfers all around the world.
Add Traffic to your Site

Some Disadvantage

Even though link views are guaranteed, Hits are not guaranteed. The only guarantee we get is that our link will be shown to the users like us who surf on trafficswarm. One credit is consumed each time our ad is shown on the surf page. The surf page contains 9 ad links and the least probability to get clicks on an ad is 1/9. It is up to the user whether to click the ad link shown or not. The best thing that we can do to get people to click on our ad is to write an Eye-catchy description to increase the probability of getting clicks.


It is a Legitimate site according to experts. Their website was created last March 20, 2002 so they have been online for quite a long time. That is why I gave it a try and see what will happen to my page view counter for this few days. as of this writing, my total pageview is 35,839 so I will be expecting this value to rise. To include some details, I think it would be nice if I will also include my Alexa Page Rank which currently 8,048,474 way-way far from as properly SEO website. But for the record let it be written so that I can review soon and perhaps compare what would be my statistics in the future.


  1. Excellent post! You have really gone into detail here to describe some of the features of Traffic swarm.

    Anybody wishing to see Traffic Swarm in action can check out my video tutorial on my blog

  2. Thanks for the comment Wayne, I'll be back to your site as well and see some fresh articles. Keep your comments posted Bro!


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