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- Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Currently Overhauling this Website!

As a newbie in web design, I go over with my experimentation how CSS coding can modify the web design template. It is a small XML file that I downloaded earlier and it was FREE. This XML file is already coded in a full HTML code with CSS, JQUERY and some other scripts that makes the whole template work. I uploaded it on Blogger Settings and in few seconds, it became my websites design. But the only thing bothers me is the functionality of the links as well as the arrangement of widgets. At the same time I am a bit concern how this new template may affect the loading time of my blog.
Well anyway, aside from the visual concerns and loading time in this new template, there are some things that I need to consider as well specially in overhauling the whole design, and this has something to do with my blog optimization. How a search engine will treat my blog in its newly overhauled design. And I guess this is more important than styling because SEO defines how my blog performs when keywords are entered on every search engine.
According to Glenn Gabe (a  Digital Marketing Consultant) in his article at searchenginejournal.com, he talks about the scary facts about Website Redesigning because this will affect SEO strategies applied on the previous design. He identified few topics to consider in order to avoid SEO disaster during the redesigning of this blog.

Great Looking Web Design Does Not mean Search Engine Friendly
Now how is that suppose to mean? Planning is the most important step to do before doing anything else with your web design process, this is because there are a lot of things to consider to prevent yourself falling into the trap of adding the latest technology or functionality (jquery and some other widgets) when that very technology could somehow affect your search engine rankings. And there are so many award winning web developers, designers, and creative professionals who could provide you the best looking web design but think about this these professionals were not SEO experts. So how is that? You may have the most gorgeous website but goes below the search engine ranking.

Uncovering Hidden SEO Problems with Web Crawlers
I’ve tried doing a website crawling test today and was surprised that there was a ton of link errors were found by Xenu (a FREE web crawling engine) used by webmasters in order to hunt down problems that affects SEO. Basically, what I was doing was SEO Auditing which is in my case, I want to improve my page ranking and Xenu does exactly what I want to know in order to reach my goal.
There is a lot of things you can learn by crawling a web site that can be uncovered by using a simple yet powerful tool like Xenu. Just imagine, having Googlebot encounter thousands of server errors isn’t a good thing. Such errors may include “Page Not Found” (often called Error 404 or an HTTP 404 error, means that the webpage you were trying to load was not found). So as a blogger, do you know every pages that are inter-linking within your website?  I bet you don’t.
The use of crawlers in resolving site issues such as link errors is indeed a smart task to complete. I suggest, doing a website crawling analysis for at least once a month is highly recommended.  If you will just explore a bit, you will find a lot of things to discover with Xenu, without extra cost, just your time and a little effort.


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