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- Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Analyzing Traffic - Referring URLs and Sites

 After activating yesterday’s Traffic Exchange idea, this morning as I opened my PC, I immediately checked my Blog Statistics to see the effects of that action. But before doing that, I first checked my Alexa Page Rank and as of this writing today, my number is 8,046,676 a quite high of course but if we will compare the result from yesterday was 8,048,474. That means we have a difference of 1,798 counts. I got it by subtracting yesterdays result from todays number. So I guess I made a little advantage (not Bad for a little effort). Let us all understand that when we talk about Page Ranking, the Smaller the number the better. I signed in for my blogger account, click the Stats and then click for Traffic Sources, then a bar graph is displayed showing the referring URLs and websites. The first table is about referring URLs shown on the screenshot image below. This table is composed of 3 columns referred to as the ENTRY, No. of Page views followed by the graphical presentation.

The second table shows the referring Websites in its simplified URL address.

Actually, let us not underestimate our physical offline sources like print ads (flyers & brochures), business cards, newspaper ads, books or magazines, billboard, by word of mouth that mentions your website or business. Because as we all know, if our Blog or Company Name is already known in public, people will just simply search for you on search engines. And by that, they will reach you.

As far as my personal understanding about URL referrals, getting actual traffic are taken basically from search engines by keyword optimization (SEO) with Luck to be displayed on top of the searched results. Another is through weblogs, link lists from other sites and if you have paid for online advertisements perhaps from banner ads. And perhaps if your Blog is good and you build a frequent readers or subscribers, some people may have bookmarked your URL and visit from time to time to see what’s new. There is also what they call from Email Marketing coming from Bulk email senders used by online marketers and the like. Getting Affiliate links are also a source of referring URLs as well as Social Media that is currently one of the best advertising platform available today. I think these techniques that I mentioned drives visitors to your Web site. I will write more of this soon dissecting every technique in detail.

One thing that I would like to discuss is that in some cases, you will receive a FREE URL referral from Blogger Blogs. If we will observe an uncustomized Blogger blog, above the header is a NavBar (Navigation Bar) that if it is not switched off it will show a Link on the right side saying Next Blog. The function of this Link is that for example we are browsing Blog A, the Next Blog Link is directed to another blog. And if you are fortunate enough this could be your blog (because Blogger generates these links randomly), or pointing to any of thousands of blogs available under Blogger. So if the visitor to Blog A clicks on the Next Blog link and so it happens to be your blog, then you get a FREE referral from Blog A’s URL. For Blogger.com users, this is one reason our Blog gets a hit. Just pray more that Google might pick your Blog more often.
In a SEO’s point of view, chances are you'll want to know what terms (KEYWORDS) that people have searched for and finding your site on search engines, so you need to analyze that information in a much deeper manner. Those terms/keywords are then used to optimize your website so that your website will be on top on the searched result.

As I go along with this hobby of mine (Self-proclaimed computer geek) I found myself of becoming a Search Engine Optimizer (did I say what?). Anyway, that Job will do things that make it easy for you or someone or some thing (I’m referring to a Search Engine) to flow through an optimized website. Making it easy should I say to establish a searchable website so that people can read rich contents and understand the message, perhaps to interact with others and exchange opinions, to sell or purchase products, and or as simple as achieving whatever goal we aimed for.


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