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- Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bank Routing Symbol Transit Number

oDesk Fund Transfer using Unionbank EON Card by www.maxginez3.com
Working with an oDesk environment is indeed a very convenient workplace where you can do your task in your own pace although there may be some cases that you really need to be online with regards to your client's time zone.

I have just received my UNIONBANK eon card because I want to withdraw my oDesk Salary directly to my Bank account. The procedure starts by adding another withdrawal method in the Wallet Dashboard. Then it will prompt you asking the BRSTN code. oDesk's bank supports funds transfer to any registered bank here in the Philippines. And because I don't know the code of my Bank, I asked for help and see a list of Banks available here in the Philippines.

The history of Routing Transit Number (RTN) was originated in 1910 by the American Bankers Association. It  was a 9 digit code of a certain bank in the United States. This number used to be printed on the bottom of Bank checks identifying the Bank on which the amount was drawn. The purpose of this code is to facilitate the sorting and shipment of bank checks. The Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) also used this process during funds transfers, bill payments, direct deposits, and other automated transfers.

Here in the Philippines, Local Funds Transfer (LFT) use BRSTN Code, (Bank Routing Symbol Transit Number) It is a 9-digit code identifying the Country, City, and Bank Name.

Here is a list of BRSTN code in alphabetical order; but if you may have doubt on this list, you may confirm the code by contacting your bank and ask for their BRSTN.

BRSTN Code Bank Name
010320013 Allied Banking Corporation
011020011 Asia United Bank
010700015 Australia - New Zealand Bank
010530667 Banco De Oro
010670019 Bangkok Bank Public Co., Ltd.
010120019 Bank of America, N. A.
011140014 Bank of China
010440016 Bank of Commerce
010040018 Bank of the Philippine Islands
010100013 China Banking Corporation
010690015 Chinatrust Commercial Bank Corp.
010070017 Citibank, N. A.
010650013 Deutsche Bank
010590018 Development Bank of the Philippines
010620014 East-West Banking Corporation
010860010 Export and Industry Bank
010060014 Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corp.
010720011 JP Morgan Chase Bank
010710018 Korea Exchange Bank
010350025 Landbank of the Philippines
010220016 Maybank Philippines, Inc.
010269996 Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company
010640010 Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd.
010110016 Philippine Bank of Communications
010080010 Philippine National Bank
010090039 Philippine Trust Company
010330016 Philippine Veterans Bank
010280014 Rizal Commercial Banking Corp.
010140015 Security Bank Corporation
010460012 The Bank of Tokyo Ltd
010050011 The Standard Chartered Bank
010419995 Union Bank of the Philippines
010299995 United Coconut Planters Bank
010270341 United Overseas Bank Philippines

All right, there you go. Hope this list will serve its purpose.

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