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- Monday, October 1, 2012

PTC, Are Pop Ups Annoying? (NEOBUX Ultimate Strategy)

PTC Newsletter
Dear PTC,
Does this happen to you?
You click on an ad, you view the website and wait for the counter like you're supposed to, and when you close the window, and suddenly, a pop up appears. Usually it says something like "Wait Don't Miss Our Offer!" or "Sign Up for Our Offer!" Whatever the reason is, pop ups are annoying.
When we are clicking on ads, we are trying to make money, but pop ups make the process slower and less enjoyable.
Do Pop Ups Annoy You?
What should you do then? We recommend using Opera, a popular browser known for its speed and efficiency. Opera has a feature where you can disable pop upmessages permanently, so that your surfing experience won't be hindered by unwanted messages. All you have to do is download it from www.opera.com and install it on your system.
Another browser that we recommend is Firefox, a trusted and stable browser. You can install add-ons that prevent pop ups from hindering you. But no matter what browser you are using, do NOT use Internet Explorer...it has too many problems and it will hinder your browsing experience. Remember, your time is valuable - so you shouldn't have to deal with pop ups.
Tabbed Browsing is Smart Browsing
When we do our daily ad clicking, we open up all the PTC sites and too many windows will clutter up the screen. Using tabbed browsing is a good way to keep everything in one window, thus erasing the screen clutter.
Make Sure JavaScript is On
You don't need all the technical details about JavaScript, but know that many PTC's require JavaScript to run properly. PTC's use scripts to display the timer bar, display captcha codes, and credit $$ to your account. Usually, if you are unable to see ads, you have JavaScript disabled, so make sure you enable it. Most of the time, enabling JavaScript will solve your problem - it's not always the admin's fault.
PTC, hopefully these tips we sent you to day helped you. Even if you know all this information, there may be people who don't know, such as your downlines. Do them a favor and tell them about this newsletter. Maybe they will even say "thank you" for it!
We hope you enjoyed today's newsletter. To get the Neobux Ultimate Strategy, which will turbo-boost your PTC business, visit us at: http://neobuxultimatestrategy.com
Happy earnings!

Ultimate Strategy
Neobux Ultimate Strategy E-Course 

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