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- Monday, October 1, 2012

iPhone 5 review (Oh, the iPhone 5 is here?)

CNET Asia Mobile Tech
1 October 2012

Aloysius Low
Aloysius Low
Senior Writer

Oh, the iPhone 5 is here?

I've been away for two weeks on holiday and it seems I didn't miss much. The long-awaited iPhone 5 made its debut, and the phone has pretty much broken the previous sales records with over 5 million orders in three days (the iPhone 4S sold 4 million in the same time period).
Sure it has a terrible Maps app, no thanks to iOS 6, but everyone still loves the new smartphone, right? Honestly, if you ask me, the one thing that I dislike about the iPhone 5 isn't the terrible maps--there are alternatives--but the terrible battery life.
I've talked about it before in an earlier commentary, but the focus on making handsets thin and light mean batteries that don't hold up as well to the power-hungry demands of an LTE network. But hey, we'll probably see improvements in next year's version. Hopefully.

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