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- Thursday, October 2, 2014

Make Your Money Work For You - Colayco Foundation

Make Your Money Work For You - Colayco Foundation

Join Colayco's Pisobilities Caravan and Discover the Power of your Peso

What is Pisobilities? 
Pisobilities refers to one’s ability to earn and manage his one peso and the possibilities of making that same peso work for him. According to best selling author and financial guru Francisco J. Colayco, each person’s financial profile should be like a one peso coin with two sides, active entrepreneurship and passive entrepreneurship. Together these two abilities give him more than enough capacity to attain financial independence.

Make Your Money Work For You - Colayco FoundationWhat is the Pisobilities Caravan?
The best-selling program PISOBILITIES has been attended by thousands of Filipinos in the Philippines and abroad. Those who have taken on the challenge to be wealthy have made significant changes in their financial lives: growing out of debt, achieving their wealth goals, providing for their families, etc.

The Pisobilities Caravan, brings this life changing program to various cities in the Philippines in order to empower more Filipinos to be wealthy through personal finance and investing education.

Why should you join Pisobilities?
Because more than encouraging to save, Pisobilities is all about maximizing the potential of your financial life in order to provide you with a secure and comfortable financial future. Learn not just the technical terms made understandable in easy to understand lay-man's terms but effective strategies for building and maintaining wealth.

No need to worry about investment and financial products being pushed on you. Francisco Colayco and Colayco Foundation offer unbiased financial education. Colayco Foundation does not sell financial products ensuring that you learn not just about the benefits of investing but also the risks and how to manage them. Colayco Foundation focuses on the Filipino and helps design strategies on achieving your wealth goals according to your specific financial profile and circumstance.

Make Your Money Work For You - Colayco Foundation

Who should participate?
Ideal for you who would like to take control of your finances, may you be an entrepreneur, employee, executive, professional, student, freelancer, OFW or housewife. Also ideal for couples because money management is a family affair.  Good if you bring your teenagers along. This seminar will equip you with the basics of proper money management - spending, saving, planning and investing.  It will help you realize the importance of having a financial goal and introduce you instruments and strategies on how you can achieve your financial goal/s.

To learn more about The PISOBILITIES Caravan, please contact Colayco Foundation for Education Inc., Unit 807 Citystate Centre Condominium, 709 Shaw Boulevard, Pasig City, Metro Manila 1603, PHILIPPINES

Contact Numbers:
Phone (02) 631-4446
Mobile 0917-8632131



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