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- Thursday, September 27, 2012

High Performance Analog Connection

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Featured video
Engineer It: How to get data sheet values from your SAR ADC

Featured EVMFeatured EVM
Step-up dc-dc converters, 3.5-MHz high efficiency (TPS61253) EVM

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7.6-bit, 1/2/4-channel, 5/2.5/1.25 GSPS ADC with buffered inputs and serial data outputs
The LM97600 is a single/dual/quad, low power, high performance SiGe BiCMOS analog-to-digital converter that digitizes signals at sampling rates up to 5.0/2.5/1.25 GSPS. Consuming a typical 3.1 Watts at 5 GSPS from 1.2 and 2.5 Volt dual supplies, this device is guaranteed to have no missing codes over the full operating temperature range.
Resources: Datasheetblock diagramreference boardanti-aliasing calculation tool for A to D convertersop amp to ADC circuit topology calculator
  • Burns nearly 30 percent less power than the best competitor.
  • Offers 8b/10b encoded outputs, simplifying design and board layout.
  • Applications: Point-to-point microwave backhaul, optical line card, optical transport network, set-top box/DVR/streaming media, oscilloscope, high-speed data acquisition and generation
LM97600: Price (1ku): $249.00
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Single synchronous step-down controller for low-voltage power rails
The TPS53014 is a single, adaptive on-time D-CAP2™ mode synchronous buck controller. The TPS53014 enables system designers to complete the suite of various end equipment's power bus regulators with cost effective low external component count and low standby current solution.
Resources: DatasheetPSpice transient modelpower stage designer of most commonly used switchmode power suppliesevaluation module
  • D-CAP2™ mode control provides fast transient response
  • Input voltages from 4.5 V to 28 V and output voltage from 0.77 V to 7.0 V enable convenient and efficient operation
  • Applications: Point-of-load regulation in low-power systems for a wide range of applications, digital TV power supplies, networking home terminals, digital set-top box, DVD player/recorder, gaming consoles
TPS53014: Price (1ku): $0.90
Supply selection IC
The TPS22985 is a supply selection device for active Thunderbolt™ cables. The device selects a supply that is at 3.3V from two supply inputs and connects this to two non-current limited outputs OUTA and OUTB. When 3.3V is not present at either supply, the outputs become high impedance.
Resources: DatasheetHSpice modelIBIS modelevaluation module
  • Soft starts OUTA and OUTB prevents inrush current to the load
  • Failsafe buffers for digital UART RX and TX line protects from being loaded when power is removed
  • Applications: Thunderbolt™ cables, notebooks, desktops, power management systems
TPS22985: Price (1ku): $0.65
3.5-MHz high efficiency, step-up converter in chip scale packaging
The TPS61253 provides a power supply solution for battery-powered portable applications. The device supports up to 800-mA load current from a battery discharged as low as 2.65V and allows the use of low-cost chip inductor and capacitors.
Resources: Datasheetblock diagramPSpice transient modelevaluation module,power stage designer of most commonly used switchmode power supplies
  • Input voltage range (2.3V to 4.85V) supports Li-Ion batteries with extended input voltage.
  • Automatic power-save mode operation allows high efficiency at light load.
  • Applications: Tablet, smartphone, mono and stereo APA applications, USB power supply (5V), DC/DC micro modules
TPS61253: Price (1ku): $1.45
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Low-power, bidirectional I2C isolators
The ISO1540 and ISO1541 are low-power, bidirectional isolators that are compatible with I2C interfaces. These devices have their logic input and output buffers separated by TI's capacitive isolation technology using a silicon dioxide (SiO2) barrier. When used in conjunction with isolated power supplies, these devices block high voltages, isolate grounds and prevent noise currents from entering the local ground and interfering with or damaging sensitive circuitry.
Resources: Datasheetblock diagramIBIS modelevaluation module
  • Isolated bidirectional I2C communication reduces cost and board space
  • Uni- and bi-directional clock options support single and multi-master applications
  • Applications: Isolated I2C, SMBus, PMBus interfaces, level shifting and hot swap applications, power over Ethernet, power supplies, battery management, motor control systems
ISO1540: Price (1ku): $2.00
DS90UB913Q/4Q 10-100MHz 10/12-Bit FPD-Link III SER/DES
The DS90UB913Q/DS90UB914Q chipset offers a FPD-Link III interface with a high-speed forward channel and a bidirectional control channel for data transmission over a single differential pair. The DS90UB913Q/914Q chipsets incorporate differential signaling on both the high-speed forward channel and bidirectional control channel data paths.
Resources: DatasheetIBIS Modelevaluation kit
  • Adaptive receiver equalization automatically adapts equalization gain to compensate cable loss
  • Continuous, bi-directional control channel support on a single pair provides low latency, real-time control channel for precise multi-camera synchronization
  • Applications: Automotive driver information/entertainment, automotive vision control, surround view systems for parking aid, scene analysis and collision mitigation
DS90UB913Q: Price (1ku): $5.36
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Three input, low-noise clock jitter cleaner with dual-loop PLLs
The LMK04816 is a flexible clock jitter cleaner/generator that delivers sub 100 fs RMS jitter while simplifying design and significantly reducing the number of external components required to implement various clocking architectures. A new member of the LMK04800 family, the LMK04816 features 13 programmable outputs while supporting holdover, switchover, analog/digital delay, and odd/even dividers.
Resources: DatasheetIBIS modelThree input, 13 Output, clock jitter cleaner with dual-cascaded PLLs and integrated 2.5 GHz VCblock diagram
  • Dual-loop PLLatinum™ architecture enables 111 fs rms jitter
  • Independent programmable output dividers, delay control and output format provide flexibility to suit the clocking needs for any solution
  • Applications: Data converter clocking/wireless infrastructure, networking, SONET/SDH, DSLAM, medical, video, military, aerospace, test and measurement
LMK04816 : Price (1ku): $8.70
Ultra low-noise clock jitter cleaner/multiplier with six programmable outputs
The LMK04906 is a high performance clock conditioner with superior clock jitter cleaning, generation and distribution with advanced features to meet next generation system requirements. Its dual-loop architecture consists of two high-performance phase-locked loops (PLL), a low-noise crystal oscillator circuit and a high-performance, voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO). The first PLL (PLL1) provides a low-noise jitter cleaner function while the second PLL (PLL2) performs the clock generation.
Resources: DatasheetIBIS modelevaluation modulefunctional diagram
  • Dual-PLL architecture with integrated VCO and seven outputs replaces multiple components in the clock tree
  • Holdover and hitless switching maintains clean outputs when an input clock is lost or switched.
  • Applications: Line cards, synchronous Ethernet, optical modules, DSLAM/MSANs, test and measurement, broadcast video, wireless base stations, data converter clocking
LMK04906: Price (1ku): $6.49
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±1°C remote and local temperature sensor
The TMP421, TMP422 and TMP423 are remote temperature sensor monitors with a built-in local temperature sensor. Remote accuracy is ±1°C for multiple IC manufacturers, with no calibration needed. The two-wire serial interface accepts SMBus write byte, read byte, send byte and receive byte commands to configure the device.
Resources: DatasheetIBIS model
  • High accuracy, programmable non-ideality factor and series resistance cancellation improve system performance.
  • Small package size allows the device to fit into more locations in the system.
  • Applications: LCD/DLP®/LCOS projectors, industrial controllers, industrial and medical equipment, desktop and notebook computers, processor/FPGA temperature monitoring
TMP421: Price (1ku): $0.55
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Application Notes:
Driver Circuit Design Considerations for ADS855x
Design Calculations for Buck-Boost Converters
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Engineer It – How to do precision current limiting for a super capacitor application
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Technology Days 2012: Technology Days are full-day technical presentations on new products, TI solutions in key applications, and technology innovations. Topics vary by location and may include signal chain, wireless connectivity, embedded processors and microcontrollers, medical applications, and battery management and power.

 • October 3 - Vancouver, Canada • October 30 - Detroit, MI
 • October 16 - Milwaukee, WI • November 7 - Orlando, FL

Power Supply Design Seminar: The 2012-13 TI Power Supply Seminar series, the 22nd since they were introduced by Unitrode in 1977, provides rich technical and practical presentations that combine new advanced power supply concepts, basic design principles and "real-world" application examples. Whether this seminar is used to gain fresh knowledge of power supply design, or as a review for those experienced in power supply design, the topics presented will be worthwhile for all levels of expertise.

Locations and Dates » Register today
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POWER TIP #47: Tame conducted common-mode emissions in isolated switchers: Part 1,” by Robert Kollman, PowerManagementDesignLine.com. May 2012.
Generating spatial audio from portable products,” by Ken Boyce, EDN. May 2012.
Optimizing solid state drive power architecture,” by Chris Glaser, Power Electronics Technology. May 2012.
The basics of testing operation amplifiers (Part 4): Testing op amps requires stable test loops,” by David Baum and Daryl Hiser, Test and Measurement. May 2012.
Signal Chain Basics: Tracking down spurious signals in high speed DACs,” by Robert Keller, Planet Analog. May 2012.
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