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- Friday, September 21, 2012

Excellence takes years; iPhone 5 launched

CNET Asia Cool Gear
21 September 2012

John Chan
John Chan

Excellence takes years

Apple is once again making headlines. And it's not just about the iPhone 5 launch, but also the in-house maps app in the new smartphone. Unlike the previous Google Maps version, Apple's maps lack detail, don't give you transit information and make the world look like it just suffered an apocalypse when viewed in 3D mode. It reminds us that coming up with a great mapping solution takes years of work--mastery in any field takes time.
Further demonstrating this in another category are the two digital camera heavyweights. Canon and Nikon have years of experience when it comes to full-frame cameras, so their fans naturally feel the upcoming 6Dand D600 dSLRs will be great. We fully understand why Nikon fans feel hurt when we left the D600 out of our top five favorite Photokina cameras.
iPhone users will have to accept that iOS 6's maps won't catch up with Google's in a short time. In the meantime, just download some third-party apps to fill up the void, and enjoy the aspects of the iPhone 5 that Apple has spent years perfecting.

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Apple iPhone 5 launches in Singapore (photos)

The city-state is one of the first wave countries getting the iPhone 5 today and many people queued overnight to get their hands on one.

Hasselblad's Lunar ILC is an NEX-7 in luxury trappings

The company that's synonymous with medium-format cameras has worked with Sony to release a premium mirrorless ILC with a 24.3-megapixel APS-C sensor.

Camera bag or ladies handbag?

A booth at Photokina that seemed to be selling regular ladies handbags and men's satchels struck us as odd. We take a closer look.

HTC announces Windows Phone 8X and 8S

The Taiwan-based company has made known its plans for the next-generation Microsoft mobile operating system with two newly announced smartphones.

Apple's Jony Ive to design one-off Leica M

A single limited-edition model of the Leica M full-frame rangefinder is slated to be customized by the Apple designer.

Sony's super-slim PS3 finally official

The new console, which is around 25 percent smaller than its predecessor, will be available in three storage capacities.

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