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- Wednesday, October 5, 2011

To-Do’s To Have A Successful Business part 2

Here is Part 1

What are the things that you are doing that helps to generate customers? There are over 15,000 Members who belong to this group, and if just one percent of us give one idea, the result would be awesome. Let’s share some ideas on what you are doing to run a successful business.

To your success,
Ken Varga

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The Art of Listening. You are probably saying that you do listen. You hear every word a prospect or customer is saying, or do you?
Here is an example of what I mean. When I wanted to purchase a specific vehicle, I went to the dealer and outlined for the Salesman that I wanted a Two Seat Convertible. He proceeded to show me a 4 seater that wasn’t a convertible. I don’t know what he was thinking.
My business went to the dealer in the other town who showed me specifically what I wanted. He listened.

Ask And Thou Shall Receive
Whenever you want an unbiased opinion of what your customers/clients think of your business, all you have to do is to ask them. Simply ask them what they think of your business and how they would make it better if they had the opportunity to do so.
You could even create a suggestion form for them to complete. But even better, you can reward your customer suggestions that you feel are worthwhile and that you implement, by sending them a reward for doing so. It could be a free item or even some form of a discount. Sounds almost like an employee suggestion program except that the suggestions are coming from your customer/client.
You are actually building a bond between you and your customer/client by showing a desire to partner with them and then proving how much you value their opinion.
All of us like to be asked our opinion.
How many of you members are doing this and how are you doing it?

Added Value
You’re probably wondering, “What’s Ken saying?”
You can call it anything you like. Upsell, etc. To me it is adding onto a sale after a person purchases.
Here are a few examples:
In retail it could be when a purchase is made for suede upholstery. You could ask, without hard selling, if they have considered a method of cleaning and caring for the material. You have a kit that will do the job if they are interested.
Let’s say you are a dentist. I’ve noticed how many Dentists have residual products in their waiting room. Let’s assume one of the products is an organic mouth wash. You can say after a cleaning, have you considered something that would continually keep your breath fresh.
Or say you are an insurance agent or financial planner. After the client makes the purchase you can continually communicate with them at least once a month to see how they are doing and/or to offer advice. It’s added value to their trust in you.
I wonder how many of our members can come up with similar examples? Let’s hear from you.

Employees as Ambassadors!
Are Your Employees Your Ambassadors?

I recently read an article where Herb Kelleher, the individual who made Southwest Airlines famous, said the following.
“Southwest’s communication, its message, is its people.”
That means that they have trained their employees to be the Ambassadors of their company. If you have flown on Southwest, you know what I mean. Whenever I have flown with them, it was a pleasure.
Southwest has over 25,000 employees spreading the word as Ambassadors and you could even call them missionaries, because they have converted many an airline passenger to their cause.
Here is a question for you. “Are your employees your missionaries?”

Here are some guidelines for turning your employees into ambassadors/missionaries:
1.Train them, constantly, to keep their dedication, skills, and enthusiasm at the highest levels.
2.Select only those who you feel will be excited enough to represent your company on the highest level.
3.Keep only those who display their zeal when talking to a customer or potential customer.
4.Reward them well. They are the individuals who are bringing profit into your company, so share the wealth.

This is a good place to start. If you need more detailed help in doing this, see Step 3 in my book “Up The Loyalty Ladder”, and Chapter 3 in my book, “How To Get Customers To Call, Buy & Beg For More.”

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