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- Monday, September 26, 2011

Pearltrees - The best way to organize

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Now, you can organize, discover and share the stuff you like on the web.

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Pearltrees is the best way to organize, discover and share the stuff you like on the web.

The development of web pages creation, sharing and discussion web sites resulted in a very substantial improvement of the quantity, the diversity and the quality of Web pages. But the democratization of curation did not go along with a democratization of access to these pages.

With Pearltrees, we want to bring about the more complete democratization of the Web by enabling users to become individually and collectively curators of their own Web.

There are three main activities you can do within Pearltrees: organize, share and discover.

Easily organize what you've found on the web.  The simple and intuitive interface makes sorting your interests, your passions and your ideas easy. Pearltrees allows you to give a precise meaning to the content you've archived making retrieval and reuse a pleasure.

You can also instantly share the content you've organized. In Pearltrees, everything is public.  All other users can see what you've organized and you can see everything that others have collected.  This lets you easily find users with common interests and when you do, you can team up with them and curate a topic together.

Pearltrees also lets you discover a web organized by others. Do you like discovering a city with a friend who already lives there? With Pearltrees, you can enjoy a similar though digital experience and learn about a new topic, a newsworthy issue or anything else that captures your attention, all curated by other people just like you.

Finally, Pearltrees lets you share any part of you're the Pearltrees you've curated on Facebook, Twitter, directly within Pearltrees, using a permalink or even by embedding content in another web site.

Social bookmarking services have been a major contribution to the possibility of a humanly organized web. However we believe that it is time to move to a new generation of human organization: curation communities.

We believe curation communities are the next generation for two reasons:
They let you manipulate web pages without tagging them, so you can give them your own meaning, find them again easily and guide others through them.

They let you collaborate in real-time with other people based on common interests.
Pearltrees is a social curation community. It provides an experience that is very different from social bookmarking tools. If you want to give pearltrees a try you can import easily your delicious bookmarks in your account.

As a media, Pearltrees wants to get as large an audience as possible. We have many appealing ideas to generate revenues but we are holding off on implementation until at least 2012.

If you have an interesting idea, we're happy to hear about it. Contact us at contact@pearltrees.com

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