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- Thursday, September 29, 2011

Corporate Dashboard Design Template

Dashboard Insight has been slowly making changes to provide our readers with better content. Now it's time to get you involved! Dashboard Insight is hosting our first annual Dashboard Design Contest and we are very excited about the event. Enter the contest for your chance to win one of two prize packs including an iPad 2 and a collection of must reads for any dashboard and business intelligence professional.

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Featured Articles

Box & Strip Plots with R
By: Steve Millier
I recently completed an analysis on a time series data set of the daily number of live births in Quebec from 1977 through 1991, using the R Project for Statistical Computing software. The 5,113 observations were a lot for the standard time-series graphics I usually use as a prelude to forecasting exercises.
Big data - what it means for data visualization and dashboard applications
By: Lyndsay Wise
There are different definitions of big data depending on its application and the vendors that provide support for its use. Research group Gartner Inc.’s definition of big data includes a vendor’s ability to provide support for data volumes, variety, and velocity to facilitate an organization’s effective management of large data sets that require complex processing.
What is BI? - A Primer on Business Intelligence
By: Dashboard Insight
Before diving into an explanation of dashboards, it is important to have a fundamental understanding of business intelligence (BI). To be sure, there are many definitions, but Dashboard Insight defines it as: Turning data into knowledge to support informed decision making.

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In management information systems, a dashboard is an executive information system user interface that (similar to an automobile's dashboard) is designed to be easy to read. For example, a product might obtain information from the local operating system in a computer, from one or more applications that may be running, and from one or more remote sites on the Web and present it as though it all came from the same source.[1] Dashboards should not be confused with scorecards.

Digital dashboards may be laid out to track the flows inherent in the business processes that they monitor. Graphically, users may see the high-level processes and then drill down into low level data. This level of detail is often buried deep within the corporate enterprise and otherwise unavailable to the senior executives.
Three main types of digital dashboard dominate the market today: stand alone software applications, web-browser based applications, and desktop applications also known as desktop widgets. The last are driven by a widget engine.
Specialized dashboards may track all corporate functions. Examples include human resourcesrecruitingsalesoperationssecurityinformation technologyproject managementcustomer relationship management and many more departmental dashboards.
Digital dashboard projects involve business units as the driver and the information technology department as the enabler. The success of digital dashboard projects often depends on the metrics that were chosen for monitoring. Key performance indicatorsbalanced scorecards, and sales performance figures are some of the content appropriate on business dashboards.

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