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- Sunday, September 25, 2011

5 New things about the Facebook interface

1. Real-time updates with Ticker
Dubbed "the Facebook within a Facebook", Ticker shows you what your friends are doing in real time in a box to the right of the News Feed. You'll see minor updates like new friendships, likes, comments, and other lightweight activities, while more important activities are reserved for the News Feed.

2. Changes to the News Feed
Facebook's News Feed, the first thing you see upon signing in, is no longer split into "Top News" and "Most Recent". Instead, you'll see what Facebook considers the most important stories at the top, marked with a blue triangle. These updates include posts from friends and Pages, photo tags, friend requests, event updates, and group activity.

3. Your profile is getting a redesign
Facebook is rolling out an entirely new profile design called "Timeline". It won't be available for a few more weeks, but you can sign up for it here. Because Facebook decides which posts should appear in your Timeline, stories it considers less important will be hidden. To unhide a story in your timeline, hover over the gray dots and pick the story you want to expose.

4. New, integrated social apps
Previously, if you were to track a run with the Nike+ app and share it on Facebook, your activity in the News Feed would take friends to another Web site, where they could see more info about your activity. Now, services like Nike+ will be integrated with your Timeline. So the next time you track a run, the activity and a map of your run will appear on your profile--there's no need to leave Facebook.

5. Listen, watch, and read with your friends
Facebook is trying to create what Zuckerberg calls "serendipitous experiences", which let you discover movies and TV shows, music, and news that friends are watching, and allow you to consume them without leaving Facebook. Here are the details:

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Five things about the new Facebook interface

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The watches come in two versions: One is equipped with DIP switches while the other makes use of a turn switch.

Arcade machine to raise funds for Japan relief

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Researchers creates touchable 3D technology

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