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- Saturday, August 13, 2011

What would happen if women ruled the world?

Why Women Should Rule the World LP: A MemoirAbout 8 months age, Iftikhar Mohsini, started a discussion in Leadership think Tank asking What would happen if women ruled the world. As of this date as I posted this topic has earned about 3,000 comments from members and still counting.

If women ruled the world, everything would change, according to former White House press secretary Dee Dee Myers. Politics would be more collegial. Businesses would be more productive.

And communities would be healthier.

Empowering women would make the world a better place. Blending memoir, social history and a call to action, Myers challenges us to imagine a not-too-distant future in which increasing numbers of women reach the top ranks of politics, business, science and academia.
Here's an excerpt from “Why Women Should Rule the World”:

Here are some of the great answers I selected to be included here.

Johanne Gallagher
If Women Ruled the World: How to Create the World We Want to Live InMy father told me words of wisdom when I was a young girl. I will always remember those words. This is what he said. It is the general tendency in our society that when a man learns something, he keeps it to himself. When a woman learns something she shares it with her family. I think the question should be this: What would happen if the feminine principal of caring and sharing was encouraged to rule the world? Everyone carries feminine and masculine energy (along with feminine and masculine aspects in their nature) and both are equality valid and important. The nature of the whole universe is feminine and masculine combined (Yin and Yang). Each aspect is distinctly different in nature AND BOTH are needed in harmonious integration for successful creation. To co-create a better world together for both men and women (and not least, the children who will inherit the planet after us) the feminine aspects of nurturing, listening and caring for each other should ´rule´or be more openly expressed and dominating and RULE in our society as the normal mode of behaving. The masculine energy is then needed and absolutely wants to carry out the projects that are inspired and directed by the feminine principal. What is born of woman (feminine principal) is then manifested by man (masculine principal). What is inspired from the feminine principal (flash of intuition or a hunch) in each of us is brought into the world through the action and fire (excitement) of the masculine principal in each of us. A balanced Human Being has both of these aspects harmoniously integrated through a balanced right and left brain function. For society to develop and evolve it needs to support the feminine aspects in each individual. This is possible when we have nurtured and recognized he spiritual nature of human beings and develop with clear intent an emotionally mature society. Then we will have co-created a wonderful world, a heaven on earth so to speak. War will cease to exist. Harmony will be the norm.
Most women tend to be more tuned into the feminine principal by their very nature, their feminine essence. Men however have equal capacity to connect to that if they so chose. It is often the women in their lives that guide them to doing just that. And older men tend to open up to that in their mid years more so that younger men. It would be great to recognize this much earlier and build a world with awareness of our yin/yang nature.
So after reading my perspective, what do you think would happen if women ruled the world?

If the human being is balanced and has developed integrity, then what does it matter if this human being is a man or a woman? What matters the most, as Johanne says is that "a balanced Human Being has both of these aspects harmoniously integrated through a balanced right and left brain function." Therefore, it is not a question of man vs. woman but to teach every human being the way of integration by bringing balance in their mental functioning.

Well I suppose that if we got to a situation where any one gender, race, species or anything else ruled the world that would be a pretty scary situation. I also suppose there are cultures where the concept of a ruler or ruling section of society is acceptable and cultures where the concept of a ruler or ruling section of society is not acceptable. So in the latter case I guess there'd be a fair degree of unrest.

Apologies to any who feel I appear rude at times. 
The Truth hurts, but it's the only word worthwhile. While I get contentious when folks become self-righteous, and slander me, the meaning of my words is always to bring clarity. I realize some feel offended, and may be justified feeling so when reading some of my comments as I'm defending myself against malicious and false accusations. 
Please forgive me if you fall into one of those categories. Thank you. 
"There is indeed strength in conviction of mind, let those who have that mind share that strength with others for the sake of Truth and real progress."

A few skills that suit a leader well are empathic concern, open-mindedness, self-awareness and a non-judgemental attitude. Please people, lets practice those skills here, rather than venting anger, disgust and fear into this world. We live in difficult times where it is all to easy to retreat in hatred and external attribution. It will not solve our problems, men and women alike.


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