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- Monday, August 22, 2011

Increase Your Responder Rate to Get More Tasks

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What's New at Blogsvertise?

  • Increase Your Responder Rate to Get More Tasks

  • Get Tasks Approved Faster - Double Check the Task Notes

  • Getting Your Tasks Approved - Tip

Increase Your Responder Rate to Get More Tasks

Always make sure you respond to tasks within five days. Tasks expire after five days, after which point they are sent to other bloggers. Letting a task expire can hurt your responder rate, which helps determine how many tasks you receive. Also, if you let too many tasks expire, then your account may be suspended due to inactivity. However, if you make sure you respond to every task, this can help your responder rate and therefore help you receive more assignments. Even if you don't want to complete a task, please decline it so that we can send it to a blogger who would like to complete it. (Declining a task will NOT hurt your responder rate; it is better ot decline than to let it expire). You can submit and decline tasks in the Task Management section.

Get Your Tasks Approved Faster - Double Check the Task Notes

Please make sure you read all the directions before completing a task. Task notes are no longer available via email, but you can click the link in the email notice and log in to the Blogsvertise website to view the instructions. Occasionally, there will be certain requirements that an advertiser has that your blog may not meet, so it's important to make sure your blog meets those requirements before you begin writing the task.
It's also important that you follow the directions exactly as they have been written. Please read them carefully. Remember, you can view task instructions under Task Management by clicking on the number to the left of the task. If the directions are at all confusing and you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to send us an email before submitting the task. We like to approve tasks as quickly and efficiently as possi! ble so that you can get paid as soon as possible. Ensuring that you meet all the requirements helps us approve tasks faster and helps you save time too.

Getting Your Tasks Approved - Tip!

Before submitting your task, it is always a good idea to click on your links and make sure they work. Very frequently, we have to reject tasks because their links are broken or because they are linking to the incorrect URL. If you test the link before submitting your entry, you can save time and help your task get approved much faster.

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