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- Sunday, August 7, 2011

Change the Game through Masterminds and Books

Quotes are Tremendous
"You are the same today as you will be in 5 years except for two things,the books you read and the people you meet." Charles Tremendous Jones

Do you read good books regularly? books that inspire, inform, educate? books that challenge you to have, do and be more?

Let me tell you MY story...

Growing up I had a book on my hand as far back as I can remember. Even when I was thumbsucking. Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Fiction. And later, Non-fiction. History, biography, spirituality, education...  As the character in Shadowland the movie said so pointedly, "Reading helps me know I am not alone." Reading allowed me to travel through time and space freely and with wild abandon. Through reading, I became Captain Kirk of Star Trek exploring lands, vistas and cultures past, present and future. Reading is my high. Not marijuana. Not shabu. Reading.  Synthesizing. Simplifying. Outlining. Visualizing. Playing with ideas. All jumping out of the printed word.

Words enter my eye and brain releasing ideas and excitement that I only now realize is the raw material of entrepreneurial intiative. Giving you and me the ability to spot business opportunities and take advantage of such opportunity. When I got involved in real estate investing 6 years ago, reading helped me discover the twists and turns of making money using the new but strangely familiar vehicle of  real estate.

Rich Dad, Poor DadStarting with Rich Dad Poor Dad of Robert Kiyosaki, to Dean Graziosi of Rock Bottom Blueprint and Brendon Burchard's Total Product Blueprint and all the books and seminars in between, I devoured all the information I could get my hands on. Initially in print. Later online. Then in seminars. One passion. Different mediums. I can't imagine a time when books suffer the fate of dinosaurs. They say the Kindle (or the Ipad) will replace the printed book. So?

What shocked me is to discover that no Book on real estate existed written by a Filipino for Filipinos. With this discovery and driven by guilt at being an ungrateful son, and the nudge of PSI "Think Rich, Pinoy" was born. And it happened just when I was introduced to PSI. PSI provided the impetus and momentum to publish Think Rich Pinoy to the world. Talk about a form of mastermind group affecting a person. Me.

PSI a mastermind? Why not?

Soon after, I found myself a best-selling Philippine author in a specific niche, real estate investing. I'd found a niche. Real Estate Investing. But that niche soon expanded to spritiuality, self-development, the stock market, books like Happy for No Reason by Marci Shimoff, magazines like Fast Company. I enter a bookstore and I'm in Heaven. Just bought The Case for Why Pope John Paul should be a Saint.

Like radar, I'm drawn to books that meet my need of the moment. I'm surrounded by friends from the past, from other genres and fields and they all speak to me allowing insights, sparks to fly. They're a mastermind group in a different guise. I can hardly keep up with the sparks as I write feverishly on a note book, underling pages and  act jot down action steps at the back of each book so I remember and don't lose the inspiration of the moment. I feel I'm talking to the author. As I'm Underlining. Folding back pages to go back to again.

Grow RICH Pinoy !Bookworm. Nerd. Dreamer. Artist. I'm all of the above. Reading makes me, who I am.  Ideas jumping out of the book shape, change, challenge me at each moment becoming for me numerous teachable moments for growth and change. But Larry, you say, aren't you a dilettante? Flighty. Jumping from one idea to another like a butterly? No focus. In a way yes. Surprisingly, upon reflection,  I'm not a dilettante. While I read beyond the field of real estate. Books like The Black Swan by Taleb almost unconsciously my brain connects concepts and frameworks from out there to provide inspiration and instruction for my life--real estate deals and otherwise.

How else can you explain my flight into the internet and www.thinkrichpinoy.com? It's a new world. But it connects to my world.

Don't bother to ask me how many books I've read. Or how many are all around me in my room.

I'm embarrassed, no, I'm proud to say the books keep growing and multiplying like topsy. They are my friends. They connect  the dots and make me who I am.And the more I grow, the more I am able to serve. The books I have read shaped and changed and molded me to be the Larry you meet across the Seattle's Best table. Writing, launching products, doing deals. Serving. Giving. Sharing.

Everything I Know About Business I Learned from my Mama: A Down-Home Approach to Business and Personal SuccessAnd 5 years from now you will meet the same me but a different and hopefully deeper and broader me simply because of the books I expose myself to.

... do you think that has had a impact on my success in my businesses and life? Here is what Patrick Riddle of Private Money Blueprint has to say which resonates with me. 

You bet reading continues to make a tremendous impact. BIG TIME! Patrick continues,  I say all of this to say... become an avid reader. Make  it a habit. Always have a good book at your side.

It'll change your life.

7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness: Power Ideas from America's Foremost Business PhilosopherJim Rohn says it well, "To reach higher levels of success, you must stand on the books you read." And what about the other half of Charlie Tremendous Jones statement, the  people you meet? Remember, you're the same person today as you'll be in 5 years... except for the books you read AND the people you meet.

Not only do I continue to meet new people, slower than others (I'm a bit shy) but I've become part of a Mastermind group that is priceless. I've gone deeper in my relationships and into myself through the Mastermind group.

These people inspire me and their lives instruct me to move out of my comfort zone into my challenge zone. Why so?

Not only do they embody great capacity, but they inspire through character, perspective and common sense. These people keep me grounded even as I soar with all kinds of ideas through reading. I like being with people at home enough with themselves and their success in life to tell me to my face when they disagree or  when I'm wrong. It's nice to get knocked off my high throne regularly. It grounds me. And provides me with a necessary dose of humility.

Who are the people you hang around with the most? Do you realize that in 5 years you will be the average of these people, in income growth and contribution?

If you are unhappy with what you're experiencing. It's time to act. In business it's called "speed of implementation."

Change your group. Find yourself new people who can be your mentor and who can be challenged and mentored by your own gifts and uniqueness. You don't have to drop your "friends" altogether. Just hang out less with them. Yes, cut them out altogether if needed.

Does it make you "uncomfortable?"

Good. That's what getting out of your comfort zone means.  Especially when you are slugging it out in the challenge zone. Well, please excuse the strong language but...


Everything you want is on the other side of FEAR. And if you're letting fear hold you back from growing or changing your network, from meeting new positive people... you're making a big mistake. If you want to grow a thriving real estate investing business, or any business, what books are you reading and people are you meeting... on a consistent basis to make that happen?

A simple but powerful question. Your response to it will be a Game Changer.

It's changing my life. Now. And in the future.

Charles T. Jones issues his challenge, "You are the same today as you will be in 5 years exceptfor two things, the books you read and thepeople you meet."

 - Larry Gamboa Grow RICH Pinoy !

15 Bromelea Street, Verdana Homes, Bacoor, Cavite 4102, PHILIPPINES 

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