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- Thursday, July 7, 2011

Yahoo Answers - What dictates Page Ranking in Google?

Yahoo AnswersAny question is allowed on Yahoo! Answers according to Wikipedia, except ones that violate the Yahoo! Answers community guidelines.[4] To encourage good answers, helpful participants are occasionally featured on the Yahoo! Answers Blog. Though the service itself is free, the content of answers are owned by the respective users — while Yahoo! maintains a non-exclusive royalty-free worldwide right to publish the information.[5] Chat is explicitly forbidden in the Community Guidelines, although categories like Politics and Religion & Spirituality are mostly opinion.[6] Users may also choose to reveal their Yahoo! Messenger ID on their Answers profile page. 
Questions are initially open to answers for four days. However, the asker can choose to close the question after a minimum of one hour or extend it for a period of up to eight days.[7] To ask a question one has to have a Yahoo! account with a positive score balance of five points or more.

YAHOO ANSWERS TACTICS,Do not limit to just one topic or subject. Yahoo 2.o Traffic

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