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- Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It takes a Chance to Choose for a Change

 After all the events that happened to me, I found myself struggling in the Rat Race as what Robert Kiyosaki was teaching in his famous and best selling book "The Rich dad, poor Dad".

From now on, this will be my motto in Life;

"It takes a Chance to Choose for a Change"

Why this? Well, it seems that most of us in the world are living life in average. Meaning, we work 8 hours a day for a salary that is enough to survive. But sometimes it is not enough. Why? Because aside of having our needs (Basic necessities) we also have our wants. And what are those? We want to buy things, we want to do that, we want to go there. I guess, it is really true that it is very important to understand and be financially literate. And schools doesn't teach that, because even our teachers they are not rich or wealthy. What our schools are teaching is to become intelligent and get good grades so that as we graduate in college we can get what? A nice and descent Job.

I want Financial Freedom. And this is my chance to choose in order to change what I am now.

So many things to discuss and this will be the beginning of it. My Life changing decision, because I want to choose the right way and this is my Chance.

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