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- Tuesday, July 12, 2011

HubSpot's Website Grader Report - July 13, 2011

I checked Alexa.com this morning and clicked on What’s Hot tabbed and review the topics. On its TOP 20 List, I was a bit curious about the #7 result about website grader and so immediately I clicked on the link and gave me the following results;

Top 10 Hot Pages About "website grader"
Website SEO Tool | Website Grader
Share your Website Grader report on Twitter, and automatically get entered into a drawing!...Send me monthly updates on my website grade and occasional tips from HubSpot....

And so immediately I clicked on the link going to websitegrader.com page and tried to use their free service.
The Main page goes this way;

Website Grader by HubSpot - Get Your Score For Free
Website URL
Ex: www.yourcompany.com

Competing Websites
Optional: Enter websites of competitors (separated by commas) to include in analysis

Your E-Mail
Enter your e-mail address to receive the final report

[Checkbox]Send me monthly updates on my website grade and occasional tips from HubSpot. We won't sell, rent or share your email address.  Privacy policy.

Well of course you’ll have to click the GENERATE REPORT button.
Alexa Hot Topics
1. 51st state
2. Zillow
3. Catherine Kieu Becker
4. All Star Game
5. Yahoo Finance
6. Gilligans Island
7. website grader
8. Blockbuster
9. Brooke Mueller
10. Amazon streaming
11. Monica Wedding
12. Office Depot
13. Carmageddon
14. Netflix
15. Mitch McConnell
16. Hope Solo
17. Google map
18. Hulu Plus
19. Colbie Caillat
20. DJI

Is Your Website Working?
How well is your website doing? Is it getting traffic? Does it have SEO problems? How popular is it in social media?
Find out the answers for free. Just enter your website URL and click Generate Report. We'll do the rest.

Here is an excerpt from the result of my Blog as analyzed by websitegrader.com

HubSpot's Website Grader

Report for maxginez3.blogspot.com July 13, 2011 at 02:35 GMT

The website maxginez3.blogspot.com ranks 933,583 of the 3,664,749 websites that have been ranked so far.

Webmastering for DummiesA website grade of 75/100 for maxginez3.blogspot.com means that of the millions of websites that have previously been evaluated, our algorithm has calculated that this site scores higher than 75% of them in terms of its marketing effectiveness. The algorithm uses a proprietary blend of over 50 different variables, including search engine data , website structure, approximate traffic, site performance, and others.

Every web page has the potential to rank well in search engines and draw traffic from other sources, like social media sites and the blogosphere. Of course, whether a page draws traffic (and links) depends on whether it's optimized and how remarkable (useful, interesting, etc.) it is. But in general, most pages do "ok" and contribute to the cause, so it's both a quality and a quantity game.

A. Blog Analysis
Blogging is a great way to reach your target audience with your thoughts, opinions, and offerings on relevant topics.

Blog Found
Blog URL: http://maxginez3.blogspot.com/  (Last Post: July 11, 2011)

B. Blog Grade: 23
Blog Grader is a free tool developed by HubSpot, similar to Website Grader but specifically for blogs.
Your Blog Grade of 23 is based on a measurement of the traffic levels to your blog and the number and quality of links pointing at it.
For a full analysis, check the Blog Grader report for http://maxginez3.blogspot.com/.

D. Indexed Pages: 302
This number is the approximate number of pages on maxginez3.blogspot.com that are stored by search engines. Web crawlers for the major search engines will visit the website periodically and look for new content to index. Generally, the more pages found on your site by search engines, the better.

E. Readability Level: Secondary / High School
This score measures the approximate level of education necessary to read and understand the web page content. In most cases, the content should be made to be simple so that a majority of the target audience can understand it.

Webmaster in a Nutshell, Third EditionOptimizing that content is a key step, however, to ensure you give your valuable content the best chance possible of drawing traffic from the web. In essence, this section is about maximizing your ROC - return on content.

A. Metadata
Metadata tags allow you to tell the search engines what your web page is about. Start a HubSpot trial today to start improving your metadata.

Page Title                 An ElectroMechanic's Journey

B. Heading Summary
Similar to how newspapers and magazines use headings and sub-headings to help readers, websites can use special tags in their HTML. These tags not only help human readers read the content, they also help search engine spiders better understand the content on a page and what is most important. It is generally a good idea to use heading tags to help signal to the search engines, what the web page is about.

Total headings found:         28

C. Image Summary
Images are a great way to enhance a website from a user's perspective. However, it is important to note that search engine crawlers cannot really "see" images. So, if you have lots of images that contain textual content within the image itself, this content will not be seen by the crawlers.

HTML helps address this issue by providing a way to specify the textual content for an image using the "alt" attribute. The alt attribute allows web pages to assign specific text as the "alternative" content for images for those that cannot view the images themselves. This can be search engine crawlers or text-only web browsers.

Total images found:               111 , 95 image(s) don't have ALT text.

G. Linking Domains: 2
One of the most important measures for a website is how many other sites link to it. The more sites you having linking to your own site, the better. Having links to your website from authoritative resources on the Internet helps you rank higher in search engines since these links are an indication that your website is trustworthy and contains good content.
HubSpot software can help you analyze yours and your competitor's linking domains. Start a trial now.

Teach Yourself How to Become a Webmaster in 14 Days (Sams Teach Yourself)Check out how you compare to other similar websites. You need to monitor your traffic rank as well and see if your optimizations and new content are showing benefits. You will be able to draw conclusions from your competitors and other sites that are related to your business.

A. Traffic Rank: Top 28.26 %
Alexa is an online service that measures traffic for millions of sites on the Internet in a similar way to Nielsen television show ratings.

Your website has an Alexa rank of 8,788,558 which is in the top 28.26 % of all websites.

C. Score Summary
Website Grade
Moz Rank
Indexed Pages
Traffic Rank
Blog Grade
Linking Domains

Bookmark This Report
This report has been stored in our system for your future use. You can access this report at any time using the following link: Website Grader Report For maxginez3.blogspot.com

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