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- Saturday, July 16, 2011

Experience at Work: Applied Lean Solutions

Greetings everyone, today I have received an email from a guest Blogger Mr. Kevin Elphick, P.E., a Material Handling Branch Partner at Indoff, Inc.
In his professional career, he has over 25 years of sales, engineering and management experience in the industrial sector with expertise in the following:
  • Prospecting, developing and selling to new industrial accounts.
  • Selling solutions to both simple and complex situations.
  • Engineering projects from inception to start up with expertise in planning, justification, system design, machine selection, installation, and troubleshooting.
  • Managing and prioritizing multiple customers’ projects.
  • Integrating new, rebuilt, and used equipment into new and existing systems.
  • Analyzing and consulting on improvements in manufacturing processes and material handling systems.

 Effective Maintenance Management: Risk and Reliability Strategies for Optimizing Performance
Successfully Utilizing CMMS/EAM Systems
Knowledge Management Systems: Information and Communication Technologies for Knowledge Management


Maintenance activity can generally be broken down into three categories:
  1. Corrective Maintenance
  2. Preventive Maintenance
  3. Predictive Maintenance

A. Corrective Maintenance:
Also known as traditional maintenance.
    Maintenance for Industrial Systems (Springer Series in Reliability Engineering)
  • Maintenance responds to non-working machinery.
  • Activities are not planned or anticipated.
  • Machines run until breakdown occurs that disrupts production. Equipment could require major repairs or complete overhaul.
  • Repair work draws man-power from periodic inspections.
  • Costly maintenance method. Breakdowns happen randomly. Replacement parts and skilled staff may not be readily available causing long and expensive downtime.

B.  Preventive Maintenance:
Also known as planned, periodic or scheduled maintenance.
    Fundamentals of Preventive Maintenance
  • Compares the current operating characteristics to a specific baseline standard.
  • Machinery is periodically inspected for proper operation. Time is regularly set aside for each machine.
  • When a problem is identified maintenance can plan to fix it before a major problem happens.
  • During an inspection repairs are made only if a component failure is imminent.
  • Production departments may fight this procedure as it erodes the available time to produce.
  • Expensive random downtime is reduced but non-breakdown labor is increased.

C. Predictive Maintenance:
Also known as condition based maintenance.
    Complete Guide to Predictive and Preventive Maintenance
  • Compares the current operating characteristics to the same operating characteristics at a time in the past.
  • Reviewing a machine’s operating characteristics overtime can uncover negative trends and foresee potential failure.
  • By predicting failures scheduled repairs can be made thus avoiding costly random production downtime.
  • Costs time & money to do but can be less than the alternatives.

Read more about this article and other related topics to the following Link:

Kevin Elphick, P.E.
Indoff - Material Handling Partner





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