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- Thursday, June 16, 2011

Brains: How they seem to work by Dale Purves

Brains How they seem to work

Chapter 1 Neuroscience circa 1960
Chapter 2 Neurobiology at Harvard
Chapter 3 Biophysics at University College
Chapter 4 Nerve cells versus brain systems
Chapter 5 Neural development
Chapter 6 Exploring brain systems
Chapter 7 The visual system: Hubel and Wiesel redux
Chapter 8 Visual perception
Chapter 9 Perceiving color
Chapter 10 The organization of perceptual qualities
Chapter 11 Perceiving geometry
Chapter 12 Perceiving motion
Author: Dale Purves 
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"This book is about the ongoing effort to understand how brains work. Given the way events determine what any scientist does and thinks, an account of this sort must inevitably be personal (and, to a greater or lesser degree, biased). What follows is a narrative about the ideas that have seemed to me especially pertinent to this hard problem over the last 50 years. And although this book is about brains as such, it is also about individuals who, from my perspective, have significantly influenced how neuroscientists think about brains. The ambiguity of the title is intentional. Although I have written the book for a general audience, it is nonetheless a serious treatment of a complex subject, and getting the gist of it entails some work. The justification for making the effort is that what neuroscientists eventually conclude about how brains work will determine how we humans understand ourselves. The questions being asked—and the answers that are gradually emerging—should be of interest to anyone inclined to think about our place in the natural order of things."
- Dale Purves - Durham, NC
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