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- Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thoughts about a dollar and a dream is a wasted dollar

How I Made My First Million on the Internet by Ewen ChiaI received an email with a subject about “Thoughts about a dollar and a dream is a wasted dollar”, as I read the message, I remembered a book that I read before titled How I Made My First Million on the Internet by Ewen Chia and what I liked most about the book was in written on Chapter 3 and its topics are the following.
  • Duplicating Your Business Model
  • Moving into Product Creation
  • Creating Your First Real Information Product
  • Creating Your Product in Twenty-Four Hours or Less
  • Launching Your Product and Cloning Yourself
  • Creating Incentive by Paying Commissions on All Levels
  • Making Sure Your Sales Funnel Is Set Up Correctly
  • Creating a Strong Sales Letter
  • Turning Every Customer into an Affiliate
  • Following Up with Affiliates and Encouraging Them
  • Motivating Affiliates into Instant Action
  • Fine-Tuning and Creating Your Own System
  • Automation—Putting Your Business on Complete Autopilot
  • Managing Your Business
  • Doing Something Every Day!
  • Reinvesting Your Profits
  • Creating Your Own Streams of Passive Income
  • The Power of Membership Sites: A Case Study
Basically, this list of topics was indeed very significant to what I am doing now, that is Managing the Business to its Full Potential. That is why nowadays I keep on pushing myself to the limits, putting all my actions to be engaged with networking whom I think the basic Key towards success. Looking at the Topics written above is another subject that I believe to be discussed here for my upcoming articles.

And to give you some background about Ewen Chia, he is a graduate of the Singapore Institute of Management, holding a BS Degree in Management and graduated with honors. His first full-time job was in sales and marketing, and he struggled to make ends meet just like any other working person. In 1997, he started learning and experimenting with an Internet business. For five full years, motivated by the desire to build a better future for his family and to clear mounting credit-card debt, Ewen worked tirelessly on his business from 11:00 PM to 3:00 AM every single day, while holding a full-time day job. Years of painstaking effort and sleep deprivation finally paid off when an on-line fortune began to roll in in 2002.

He is also widely known as the World #1 Super Affiliate; his name is synonymous with affiliate marketing.

Ewen is considered the secret weapon of many Internet marketers for his uncanny ability to trounce the competition and bag the coveted number one reseller spot in almost every major marketing roll-out!

"Money is the sign of liberty. To curse money is to curse liberty--to curse life, which is nothing, if it be not free."

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