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- Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Right Attitudes every Technician must have

Our personality and behaviors were different because of our individual differences. But I still believe that it is entirely possible to change our personality and literally be whoever what we want to be. This is by constantly developing ourselves to work professionally to the best we can perform.

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In a modern working environment, every Technician must be a master in their field in order to ensure that the given task is performed perfectly as possible. And the Technicians who can demonstrate the best actions are those who received the right Training and perform constant Practice.
aRecognize repair targets, perform visual inspection first, and use your senses so you can isolate the problem by using simple techniques in troubleshooting.
aUnderstand work discipline and follow repair procedures such as service manuals, assembly and disassembly guides, blueprints and schematic drawings.
aMake your moves carefully and safely in every corners of your workplace. Perform Job Hazard identification before performing your task so you can prevent possible accidents.
aStay focus use their eyes and ears to find the enemy, without being detected themselves;
aAccurate judgment matters. Doing things right the first time minimizes rework thus increasing your efficiency in doing your task.
aPerform Final check before testing or start-up on the repaired machine, equipment or device.
aOnce the Job is completed, make it sure to leave the workplace clean. Check your tools and ensure that every nut and bolts are installed.
Maintenance Managers/Supervisors and Engineering Heads should also emphasize personality development trainings for their technical team, this is because such trainings will improve their technicians moral and therefore performs well.
I have here a list of topics that a manager can develop to conduct an internal seminar or training for his technical staff:
ü Working Independently
ü The effects of Honesty at work
ü Positive Mindset at work
ü Work is Fun
ü Working with a Good sense of humor
ü Developing Trustworthy
ü Self Visualization
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