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- Saturday, May 14, 2011

Surviving Tough Technical Questions during interview

Have you asked yourself why do you think you’re struggling when you were asked Tough Interview Questions?

In my experience as a Technical Professional, I consider Job interviews as a War to Win, wherein you really have to prepare yourself to be equipped with the right weapons and armory in order to win a battle. It is because tough questions really are painful if they hit you in the face. And tough HR personnel always find ways to search your weakest point.

There are interviewers that after reviewing your resumé and they found you as a very experienced Technician, they used to throw you questions that sometimes not relevant to your specific Job. Such as supervisory or leadership skills. This is because Technical Specialists are very much focused with there Jobs and because of that in most cases they forgot to develop their management skills which is very common to Technical People. We are trained in a different way, and that is how to use our tools to do the Job.
Here is a List that I hope could help you prepare for your Job interview:

Ø Make an essay about yourself, your job, how you perform your task, what machines and tools handled. And be specific on what you write. Don’t forget about safety.
Ø Do Your Job Interview Homework, review your skills, what you are capable of, and don’t include things that you think you are not that familiar.
Ø Your Performance in the Job interview counts to get hired so better practice talking in front of the mirror so you will see your facial impression when talking.
Ø Mindset yourself that the Job interview is just a Game, the same approach as doing your Job.

On some tough questions, there are instances that an answer will just suddenly come to you; I suggest assessing that answer first in a split second before you will reason out. This is because the reasoning powers of your brain takes place as you analyze the answer. Let your brain work for you.
Please contact me for any comment and suggestion about this topic by sending me an email. And I’ll be glad to answer.

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