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- Thursday, March 17, 2011

320D LME (BH-06) Site Visit Assessment

Here is the result of my assessment of the following equipment deployed in Paramount Property Ventures Inc.
Location: Minglanilla, Cebu
Date: March 16, 2011

Unit No.: BH-06
Model: 320D LME
Serial No.: DHK01058

1. The sag of RH undercarriage track group was out of specs. If not corrected may increase wear of track links resulting to premature failure of our undercarriage.

2. Air cleaner cover was inversely installed during previous PMS. The cover is designed to have a rubber lip on its tip to release dust accumulating from the primary filter. When I cleaned this yesterday, I found a handful of dust and some debris filtered from it suction. By not cleaning regularly, it will cause further restriction to our air intake system which will add more load to our engine.

3. Fuel Water separator is full which I believe the sensor probe is already damaged due to short circuit. By not draining the reservoir, we are inviting water to our fuel system which may then cause future engine failure as water mixes with fuel during combustion.

  1. Side protector of the bucket was loose because 1 bolt is missing. If we will not replace it soon, we may possibly loose the whole side protector during excavation operation.

  1. Boom Flood light (RH) is missing (whole assembly)

  1. Engine belt tension is out of spec, loose and if not corrected may lead to overheating.

CAT ET diagnostics is telling that the equipment is still in good condition for now because the unit is still new with its current SMR of 4165 hours.


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